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Anyone Gotten Their Partner Pregnant on TRT with No HCG?

Curious to hear anecdotes on the contraceptive abilities of TRT alone.

Anyone have a sperm analysis done? or get their significant other pregnant on TRT without HCG?

Was a post recently on here where a guy claimed to have knocked up the wife while on a fair amount of T.

It does indeed happen, but it’s fairly rare. Male contraceptive studies have shown mono T of 100mg per week gets near 95% effective.

Well Ill keep you posted. seeing as I basically tried during the most fertile moment of the month (twice)

on 100 mg test cyp a week and no hcg.

I guess it was a mini experiment lol

@dextermorgan do you use HCG?

He did not and never has.

and he got his girl pregnant?



Ill keep you posted seeing as how I just performed a case study this past week. lol

On purpose or accident? lol


GOAT reply lol