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Anyone got recipe for oatmeal milkshakes?

Anyone got recipe for oatmeal milkshake or any other goood ones?

what the hell is an oatmeal milkshake???

I got the worst stomach ache after trying the previous recipe. Not cool

In a blender…a 12 oz shake. 8 oz.s’Orange Juice (not from concentrate. 1-8 and a quarter oz. can of Del Monte “Fruit Pleasaures”-Peaches,Pears & Cherries cut up (all LOW on the glycemic index) which also supplies 2 more oz.s’ of liquid. 1 bannana. 2 heaping table spoon scoops of combined soluable and insoluable fiber[10 grams of daily fiber]- (a batch is made up by mixing a 8 oz.s’ wheat bran, 4 oz.‘s oat bran, and 2 oz.s’ rice bran). 3 heaping scoops of GROW! BLEND. While blending and adding GROW and fiber, add 2 additional oz.'s purified water as needed. Make two shakes. Take one after workout (I workout first thing in morning) and the other 2 hours later.