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Anyone Got a PS3?


I got mine a few weeks ago (the 360 has the hardware failure and is now being fixed) I think its great, just lacking a wide game portfolio just yet. Heavenly blade is ace. Cant wait for DMC4 & Tekken 6.


I'll take that as a "no" then.


lol. Well I don't have a spare $999.95 to spend on a games machine just yet - got other priorities in life. That's the going retail price in Australia and it's not going to drop for a while.

The TV ads for Heavenly Blade looked awesome, though.


A friend of mine has one.



Just got one this weeked as an early Christmas gift from the wife. Good timing also, as my 360 just got the ring of death.
Picked up Heavenly Blade - good game so far.


ive had one since launch. great system.
If you havent played resistance, go pick it up ASAP.


im just waiting for the price to "hopefully" drop after xmas. anyone heared anymore news/info on the new grand theft auto for the ps3


A friend has it. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is awesome.


Have you all seen the gameplay for MGS4 yet?? Oh...and its also been confirmed that a 40GB PS3 for $399 starting Nov.2


GTA4 was delayed for both systems and should be out by march 08.


I have it and have 3 games for it. I kind of regret getting it because I don't have that much time to play with college and work but if I sold it I would probably regret it.


I have one, not much time to play with college but I normally squeeze in a few hours at the weekend, awesome system but won't come into its own until after Xmas when sales improve due to price drop and more good games appear. Well worth picking one up for the current price though, its interface is sweet, the blu-ray player is a bonus, its whisper quiet and has everything built in.



why would you buy a ps3, the wii and 360 are soo much better-not to mention WAY cheaper-


The 40GB system is not backwards compatible and has some other issues associated with it. Until they get these fixed, the 40GB is a $400 piece of shit.


There are no other issues with the 40GB PS3 besides it's lack of backwards compatibility. If you want b/c, spend the extra $100 on the 80GB version. It has over 80% compatibility with ps2 games.


You either work for Sony, haven't bothered looking at the specs and/or are mildly retarded. No memory card reader and only 2 usb ports are issues. Lacking backward compatability is a MAJOR issue. All of the above = $400 piece of shit.


Those aren't real issues. The mem card slots won't be missed. 2 usb ports are sufficient. If you need more, hub it out.

B/C is NOT a major issue unless you have a shit load of ps2 games, and no ps2 to play them on. If you want to consolidate your consoles, by all means get the 80gb.

Where is the problem? The 40gb does the main two things people want from the console...ps3 games and Blu-Ray movies.

If they gave people NO option on console features and completely removed B/C...then we'd have a MAJOR issue.

BTW, how many times have you used your media card slots or used more than 2 usb ports?


You are essentially saying there are no major issues with the 40gb console because you can buy the 80 gb version (which is considerably more expensive).

Shitty logic at its finest.

In the end, all versions are still more expensive than the 360 and wii.


I'll just assume you don't have a ps3 based off your negativity towards the console. In the end, consumers will choose if the 40gb is a good deal. So far, it appears that Amazon has sold out of its pre-orders for the 40gb+Spiderman 3.

To the OP: I agree with you about Heavenly Sword, that was a great game! I'm also playing Folklore and will be getting Ratchet & Clank. If you're into action adventure, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is coming out in November. That should be a real big hit.

I'm also waiting for Tekken 6, Soul Caliber 4 and the recently announced Street Fighter 4.


Nah get the 360.