Anyone Good with Cars?

I’m looking to fix up my jeep that my younger brother slammed into a guardrail one lovely Christmas morning.

It’s a 1997 grand jeep cherokee and it is still drivable, the damage was only cosmetic. That being said the shop is asking 6 grand which I think is ridiculous, especially since the car probably isn’t worth that. So I’d like to fix it up myself (with the help of a few friends) and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few basic questions.

  1. I need a new driver door, new front quarter panel, and maybe a new bumper. Any clue where the best place to get these might be that would be affordable?

  2. I don’t have a clue what to do with the electric system when putting the new door on as far as making the windows and locks work. Anyone know of any good guides out there for this?

Check a junk yard, and get a Chilton’s manual.

Also, make sure the frame isn’t bent.

Alright will do. It doesn’t look bent but I’ll take a level to it and make sure.

If it was spotlessly clean, no other negative history, well maintained and low miles for the year, it could have been worth $6k. But that is highly unlikely. Be careful - piecing a car back together can become expensive in a hurry - even if you are doing the work yourself and using scrapyard parts.

It’s drivable as is, I’d just like to actually be able to get in via the driver side door instead of the passenger side and not have it look all banged up.

Pull a Part will become your friend.

Look for a similiar model with a blown motor to jack pannels from?

Paying the extra money for the SERVICE Manual instead of a haynes / chilton is a good call when you plan on doing major work.

In addition, join a Jeep forum board, they will be your best asset. I am a member of multiple International Harvester sites because I am trying to restore a 1968 scout and the members on those sites are priceless when it comes to questions since they have likely all done the same work before.

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