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Anyone Go from TRT to HCG Monotherapy?

Just curious, on trt now and wanted to switch to 1500 iu hcg 3 times a week mainly to get my balls plump again… anyone else go from trt to hcg monotherapy?

Dosing based on this study that followed men over 5 years and it’s the dose they used…

Long term HCG should be no more than 250IU twice per week.
Higher doses will probably cause estrogenic effects.

Just remember HCG monotherapy isn’t going to feel the same as TRT even with the same testosterone levels. There’s quite a few threads here from folks on HCG only that didn’t make it very long.

I started using only 100iu every other day, and balls are swinging and plump. So thats not the minimum for me

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From where did you come with this exact numbers?

Studies have determined the treshhols for dessintezation is 500ui daily. In terms of estrogen tolerance there is no such study

Better add 100ui hcg daily to tour protocol and reduce the testosterone a little bit

Feel weird asking a dude about his scrote…bur here it goes…

Percentage wise…how much would you say they decreased with TRT?

From walnuts to small grapes, or large raisins

Yeah…that’s disturbing.

Initial they dropped by 1/3 but over time came back to 7/8 normal size.

That’s more like it…

I would be willing to accept that for all the other benefits…

Sent you an email Dexter in regards to your doctor/clinic.

Are you saying that studies show 500iu daily will have someone desensitize?

500 seemed the highest relatively safe dose