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Anyone get the XBOX?

any gamers out here? i love to kick back and unwind after a workout and play on the PS2. Anyone get the XBOX today? If so, what do you think of it? Thanks!

Well, I didn’t get one, but one of my friends did…and I have decided I will not be getting one. Don’t get me wrong it, it was awesome…but i just spent the last five hours playing “Halo”. If I had one, I don’t think I would ever leave my house. Great system, though.

I have a PS2 but I’m going to try to get an xbox shortly b/c my PS2 has been a piece of shit since day 1. It scratches my dvds and games to hell. And the dvd player on the PS2 isn’t very good to begin with. The scratching thing is probably just mine(I never knocked it over) but the dvd thing is not exclusive to just mine. I hope the rest of you guys haven’t had the same problems with yours. I need to go buy and xbox soon. I’m just a little worried that it may not take off since so many people already have PS2’s.

I was watching MSNBC yesterday and they mentioned that Microsoft will be losing $100 for every XBox sold. In fact, they are planning to lose billions. Of course, once XBox has become integrated into the homes of game-lovers Microsoft will make up for the losses with game sales. Sounds like a great business tactic to me.

EVERY console maker loses money on their product…it ain’t new to MS

ryan: do you have your PS2 standing up? i had problems when i had it on it’s side and on a stand. when i put it flat and not on its side they cleared up. heard of other people with similar problems. what games are you playing? i’m into Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Devil May Cry now. I see an XBox in my future though!

I agree, if I got one I’d probably never leave my house, push myself to stop the game to workout, or even to feed that ‘meal every 2 hours’ diet. Haha.

My cousin has one and he keeps bugging me to stop by and try it out. He says it is to the playstation 2, as the playstation 2 is to nintendo 64. Meaning, it’s MUCH better! That’s his opinion though, I really don’t know from first hand experience. I do know, though, I’ll be stopping by his house sometime this week to try it out. Haha

Defex: let me know what you think when you play it. the only game they have so far that really interests me is Halo. your friend have that??

Yeah actually, he has: Halo, Gothem Racing, and NFL Fever 2002.

I actually did know that companies such as Sony and Nintendo lose money on their game consoles (at least since video gaming became mainstream entertainment and thus an extremely competitive field), but never did I imagine those losses would amount to billions of dollars. If Sony and Nintendo indeed lost over $100 for every Playstation 2 and 64 sold, then I didn’t know. About the XBox, my dad told me yesterday that he heard it was more hype than substance. Because I have more often than not found Microsoft products to be excellent, I doubt this. I guess I will have to play and find out for myself.

Anyone played Xbox and Cube? Comparisons?

Well, I must say it beats the socks off of ps2! I have not played Gamecube as of yet, but
I’m sure I’ll get a chance to very soon. I could write an entire article on the wonders of the
Xbox I’ve experiences from just a few hours of play. However, seeing as how I’m
replying to a message on a massage board(not writing an article for Videogames.com) I’ll
keep it short and sweet. This machine packs amazing graphics, quick, smooth
movements, and has some great(possibly even addicting) games already released. From
playing it I know now for sure, if I were to buy one I’d never release my hands from the
controllers. Now, unless I want to become one of those overweight, lazy bums I always
vent about, I think I should stay away from buying one.

Defex: how was Halo? as good as i hear? what about the controller? it didn’t feel too big? i might have to add an XBox to my collection… haha… thanks for the input.

The controller took a few minutes to get used to, but it wasn’t at all(atleast in my opinion) too big. I thought it was nicely put together. Compared to the other controllers out there,(ie: Atari Jaguar’s controller [looked like a damn handheld keyboard]) it’s the most efficiently formatted. Anyway, Halo was nice, but I didn’t spend much time on it. I more or less got cought up into some football games with my cuz. Haha. Damn, NFL Fever is the hottest football game I’ve ever played! Addicting as hell too! Be careful you don’t let this system absorb your life! They need a “timed release from the controller” option, or something.

Actually, to clarify, while it’s true Sony loses $ for every PS2 sold, as does Microsoft for the X-Box, Nintendo actually turns a profit for every Gamecube sold.

My brother got a Gamecube, I got an X-Box, and ultimately, Gamecube has only 1 game worth owning: Star Wars:Rogue Squadron 2, which by the way is an EXCELLENT game, probably the greatest Star wars game ever. As for X-Box, I have DOA3 and Halo, which both are great games. Ultimately, it comes down to how many great games will come out on these systems, and I think X-Box will have the best ones, since it’s actually easy to develop for, unlike the PS2.

yea i am planning on buying an X-box as my last system was a 64, but i really want to play MGS2, cuz the first one was waaay good.

dman: u gotta get it dude! i have MGS2 for the PS2, it is an awesome game. you will love it! the graphics are incredible and the gameplay kills man.

I agree, MGS2 rocks. Groundbreaking stuff.

Too bad Final Fantasy X will be released for PS2. I believe FFX sold some ungodly number in Japan, and it’ll be soon released in US. All those fanatic Final Fantasy fans will buy the game and the console if they don’t own it already to play the game. My understanding is that FFXI will be also for PS2.

And I have to agree that MGS2 is a great game although the ending kinda sucked.

well, i did it… i broke down and bought and XBox today. ugh… i now know what you guys mean when you said you would never leave the house. lol… i am playing Halo, kicks ass… had to force myself to get off of it. the controller took a little to get used to but it is fine. the graphics look excellent too… can’t wait to rent some other games and check them out.