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Anyone Get Prostate Irritation with TRT?

I am awaiting my initial appointments with Defy medical but a buddy had given me 3ml of a blend he used to lose weight to help me after I tweaked my shoulder last month. I have mentioned this on another thread so I won’t go into details but a week after the shot my libido came back with a vengeance. It was awesome. I was like a porn star and my wife and I had a lot sex. I did a week of .5ml EOD (about 50 mg Test prop, 50 Trenoblone, 50 Masteron). Then waited a week then did it again. This was last month.

Anyway. I have a little bit of prostate irritation, something I had not had in a long time. I am wondering if it’s due to all the f***ing or maybe test can irritate the prostate through some other means.

Just curious. While I hate having no libido and being weak, I would hate to be in perpetual prostate hell too (although it’s not too bad right now. Last shot was well over 2 weeks ago and I don’t plan on doing more unless it’s through a clinic where it is prescribed and I am being monitored).


I have not heard of testosterone irritating the prostate. Perhaps your wife got a little aggressive up there? (no judgement!). What are the symptoms of the irritation? How old are you? Have you had a DRE?

Your taking other anabolic steroids. I would think maybe your e2 and or dht are swinging out of control. They are responsible for prostate issues.

What are the symptoms of prostate irritation?

Just feeling like you have to pee a lot. It’s not that bad. I just have not had that feeling in a while. I also had not been having sex with my wife in a while.

I took my blood tests for Defy this morning and all I need now is a physical. I just wanted to ask about this. Having low test has few benefits but I would think you have less worries about prostate issues. I’m just doing research still. I personally think it was all the sex I had in a short window with my wife. Good problem.

There are no prostate issues in regard to testosterone replacement therapy.

So you took these drugs right before your Defy blood test?

Cool cool. I’ve always peed a lot so I would never know :joy:

If you have an infection in your prostate you’ll know. It’s f’ing miserable. And when it gets inflamed it feels like a bruised golf ball up your ass. Hurts to sit. Most of the time they can’t even find bacteria causing it. It’s not a fun experience.

No, not right before.

The complete elimination time for testosterone propionate is apparently between 11 days and 16.5 days. I did less than 2.5 ml which was spread out over two weeks in the beginning of October. Guys doing cycles of that blend are doing 1.5 ml M W F for 6-8 weeks. I waited 19 days after the last shot to go in and get labs.

I mentioned it to the intake guy when he called me back and will tell them about this during my consult if my levels are higher than I expect. My total test levels dropped from 480 to 360 in less than 4 years and the last 2 tests have been around 360. I have not been tested in a year and feel worse than ever so I’m thinking they may be lower now.

The irony is the only reason I even called Defy is because I did something out of character and tried that blend and saw how good even a small amount made me feel.

My PSA is excellent. I’ve had BPH for years before TRT. If your PSA goes up - stop the TRT.