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Anyone get Professional Massages

Do you all contract a professional to come over and do it or do you go someplace and if so where? Most of the massage places by me are labeled “Pedicures/Manicures/Massages” in a strip mall and I doubt their capabilities. I’m mostly looking to get my back and calves massaged maybe once every three weeks. One place that sounds good is Florida Hospital Sports and Medicine Rehabilitation lists it at $40 for 30 minutes but then lists a few different techniques and 3 of them all sound good.

Neuromuscular: Deep massage dealing with specific areas of the body
Deep Tissue: Loosens tension between the layers of connective tissue
Trigger Point: Aggressive massage that releases tension of a trigger point on a specific muscle.

Any serious advice on the topic appreciated there’s been articles recommending massages but nothing that goes into any sort of details or what to look for in a real massage.

yeah atm i get weekly massages from a body-esh-esh terapeut <—

but its a service my works offers us. she normally taxes 130$ per treatment but we get to pay 10$ and they pay the rest.

you should find a good one though. find out what you want to accomplish with it ! some people only massage you but if you can find one thats a little more educated then she will free up your energy path throughout the body and put you spine in allignment !! this is what you should be getting… if you just like massage for the feel go get a girlfriend ?

I’ve had Deep tissue massages in the past, they worked great for relieved some muscular knots and strains, expecially in my most overworked areas (at the time, Rhomboids and Upper traps).

Also, if they offer ART (Active Release Therapy), try that out, it’s not a typical massage, but feels amazing the day after and past (You may be kind of sore right after).

Also, go to that place you mentioned after (The sports/medicine rehabilitation), massages typically focus on your muscles, or they are just meant for relaxation (think holiday inn massages), the latter do shit for helping in the gym, they just make you feel pretty for a bit.

When I was able to do it (the cost was steep, at $80 per session) the therapist was originally working at my gym. She then – after the gym decided they wanted only younger women with big tits as massage therapists, and she is about 55 and doesn’t have big tits – moved to working at a chiropractor’s office (not as an employee but a contract arrangement.)

After that, to a beauty salon type place.

And lastly she went to work as an employee for a doctor who is doing great work in treating automotive accident injuries, so she does not do anything else now.

The point of the story is that a qualified individual may be found in any of these places. But as a matter of probability, perhaps one working out of a doctor or chiropractor’s office has a better chance of being good than one working out of a salon, and somewhat better than one working out of a gym, but only as a matter of chance.

The quality of therapist is not always tied to the place where they work. You can get the same type of massage done by two different therapists at the same place, and get two totally different massages.

From the options you listed, I would go with the rehab place. If you are not sure what type of massage to get, talk to the therapist about what you are trying to accomplish. They should be able to steer you in the right direction.