Anyone Get Help from DHEA for Libido or ED?

It’s only been about a week, but i’ve been using some dissolvable DHEA 25mg in the mornings.

I’ve notice more random erections. Granted they’re semi’s, but still. It’s something and somewhat more than normal, which is really never.

When my DHEA was tested prior, it was: 171 (110-370), so it was average.

Just wondering if anyone else has gotten such results? I haven’t changed anything w trt protocol.

Some report DHEA helps quite a bit with this. Men and women. DHEA converts a little bit to test, especially in women.

Im happy to hear. Ive heard very good things about DHEA and Pregenenolone (did i spell that one right? lol) for men on TRT. Many men on TRT who never got libido back, use these 2 and BOOM good to go. Im gonna try them myself soon enough.

Preg ALWAYS makes me more sharp mentally. Like clearer thinking and speech.

When it was tested, it was like way low out of range. But DHEA was mid range low.

Try that progesterone shit too, heard its amazing for libido. Im in scandinavia so it can be pretty fucking hard to get ur hands on (banned ofcourse), but ima try get me some.,

Keep us posted. I remember the affect was temporary.

I tried preg and DHEA and didn’t notice anything and stopped. Didn’t notice anything from HCG either. Currently trying buspirone 15mg twice a day and haven’t noticed anything from that. Tried a bunch of different injection frequencies as well as dosages and haven’t noticed anything either.

Mine is from 7 months on lexipro though, so a little different. What an evil drug.

Buspar, after about 10 days of using, gave me more sexual thoughts. But then the effect slowly dissapated.