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Anyone Get Gear From Mexico?


Does anyone still get their stuff form south of the border? or has the recent big bust pretty much have everyone looking elsewhere?


Man, i dont want to sound harsh, but this is your first post and you are asking us where we get our gear. Come on now! U dont sound too trustworthy.


You'll find some interesting information on the Mexican gear situation in my next column.

(Should come out tomorrow or a week from tomorrow.)


Listen, I am not asking anybody specifically about where they get their gear specifically, I just wanted to know if most have stopped using Mexico in favor of other sources. "Other" would suffice.


uh, i would hope so. the immigration bill the bush administration is trying to put into effect would have the national guard all over the boarder. these guys know tons of drugs cross the boarder into our country. not to mention the fact that since 9/11 the boarder has been tighter to ensure no terrorists will not get through.


The comedian Carlos Mencia made a joke that I thought rings pretty true. If you were going to Mexico, you would be advised not to drink the water. So why would you be quick to trust the drugs?


Whatever, who cares.

To the OP, no more Anabolicos for this gringo. Strictly European and UG now. I always questioned Mexican shit anyway, underdosed, dirty, you never know with those fuckers. I can think of more than one instance where I get the "steroid flu" from using mexican shit, you know, sweaty, achy nasty feeling. I never get that from the stuff I use now.

By the way, Galenika makes good shit for anyone considering using their stuff.

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I've gotten some stuff from mexico you have to go to the vet shops. QV and brovel used to be great down there. I don't know anymore though. They have legit stuff at resonable prices but that was awhile ago. I heard they have bumped the prices quite a bit. but you definitely can get stuff there. just be careful how you bring it back. And like everyone stated before the brder is a very intense situtation right now so be ready to get searched .


I agree. Very good point.