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Anyone From West Palm Beach?


Moving to West Palm in the coming weeks. Can anyone recommend a good gym?

Thinking about one of the powerhouse locations....


Dunno about gyms but W Palm is a good place to be I do business there at least twice a week as I live in Miami. Depending on where you are living a lot of communities have fitness centers that rival and commercial gym and they are included in your HOA/COA fees. Wait to hit ground before you commit anywhere


Good point...my condo does have a "gym", but I've got no idea what it's going to have for equipment.


hey man, I'm in South Florida too(miami beach).

I wouldn't expect too much from a condo gym...the nicest gyms of seen in condos just have DBs, a few weight machines, and a treadmill or two.


Ive seen some smokin gyms in nice areas....well yeah they were close to million dollar condos....Ive worked out in a few off Hallandale Beach Blvd wish I lived there. Don't know your situation man but its worth checkin out and it could save you some coin just a thought