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Anyone From UK Order Biotest?


Hi guys and gals,

Does anyone know approxomate shipping to UK from the States for products from the site?
I'd like to try loads of stuff i see in the store as it's so incredibly cheap. I've seen Biotest stuff online from UK retailers but its easily 5 times the price.

I remember a previous thread on a similar subject but never heard any comeback re getting affordable Biotest in the UK.
thanks for any help.

oh yeah (a bit OT) - anyone know of fatburners i could take safely even though i have a thyroid problem (hyperactive under drug control).


I know!!! 35-45 pounds for Spike! when its 9 dollars something here..drives me crazy


It depends how much you order - I just placed my first order about 2 weeks ago, and got everything no problems btw.

I paid $44 FedEx Shipping for:
1 Flameout
2 BCAA's
1 Power Drive
2 Spike
1 T-shirt

Took 3/4 days for delivery. Remember, since you're paying less for shipping the more you order, get together a nice 3month+ list of supps and then order, saving you money in the long run.


Biotest should set up a base in Europe and ship from there.

Would increase their sales here enormously.


I'm with you man! i feel your pain.
For the love of all thats holy - they have Metabolic Drive bars IN CHOCOLATE i tell you - me want!!


That is very reasonable - i'll def place an order before Christmas then :slight_smile:


Aren't you forgetting to mention the duty free taxes, which has nothing to do with Biotest or Fedex?

I pay the government of England 35 pounds each order just to let the pack into this precious soil.

I don't think it would make any difference in price if Biotest had a base here because they would still have to pay the government taxes to sell their products in the UK.

I was told by a trader that this is why many American companies don't want to trade with the UK. They were being taxed big money just to get a licence to sell protein powder in this country.
But, correct me if I'm wrong. That was what I was told was going on with the law 2 years ago, and my favorite retailer and only hardcore store for supplements closed down for that reason.


Alpha F - did you find that you were still paying less even with the taxes compare to say the UK's big brand name which is ?32 - ?40 per 2lb tub?


All brands have to pay the British Government for a license, that was my understanding. So it is not Biotest or brand Yxz, it's the law in this country. It's a political issue as they have some kind of agreement with pharmaceutical companies or something like that..I can't remember exacrly, I hate politics.

Yes, it is still cheaper and the service from the US is better than the UK websites.I get my orders within 5 working days. It gets here within 2 days, mind you.It is clearing at immigration due to the taxing protocol that delays it.

You can also try the Nutricenter store at the Tesco Earls Court branch if you are in London. They stock Biotest. I prefer the conveniency and the service of Fedex - I just resent paying the British government, I pay enough already. What are they going to tax next - the oxygen?

You can always order 2 extra Spike and sell it to somebody else at the UK price, 39 pounds each and that pays your duty free and shipping.


Customs? Sunny, I told them to keep their taxes.

They must've missed me, becuase I haven't paid a cent.


Actually, a practical suggestion to you is this:

1.Go to the Biotest store here on the site.
2.Pick your order.
3.Calculate it but don't place the order, don't finalize it.
4.Add to that total the site has given you the duty free charge of 30 pounds (the taxes vary, I was once charged 21 pounds, another 33 pounds, that was when I had the Surge tub) and then see how much each item costs you in the end.


You just wait. The letter is in the mail..

Fedex does this to speed up the proccess of delivery. I was surprized in my first order when I got a bill of 35 pounds 2 weeks after I got the goods and Fedex explained to me that is why they charge later: they pay the taxes for you, to clear the package immediately, then they send you the bill 2 weeks later after they workout the paper work - you just wait.


Oh well, if it comes it comes.

I'm good for it, and so far the supps are quality and worth every penny.


It's worth every penny!
I just would rather pay that money to Biotest or even Fedex for their fast service than to a government which taxes me for living in a country where the sun doesn't even shine.
But then when I start complainning then it's time to move on, isn't it? I'm off to California or Australia. After living in England for so long I would pay taxes to a government for sunlight.


HAHA, I've just moved here 6 months ago to escape the african sun and make some real money.

I actually think the tax might be reasonable - in SA I could only buy from one big supp shop which charged over double for every Biotest product. Shipping was also a nightmare, since the government can charge up to 100% import duties - they just don't care.

Oz is a good choice, it's like a crime free South Africa.


I order all of my Biotest stuff in the UK from WorkoutWorld in Croydon.


?39.99 For Carbolin 19
?47.99 - Regular HOT-ROX



An old thread risen from the ashes by me lol.

Well i ordered from Biotest - 6 days from USA to N.Ireland with online tracking of the package. Fantastic service and great tasting products esp. the choc Metabolic Drive bars. Putting another order in soon to get choc protein powder and more bars.
Thankyou Biotest!!!!


Yeah, i'll soon put in a 200- ?300 order for supplements, my biggest ever. I'm happy to pay (less) for (better) supplements from a company that provides this site, with all its resource and service.

What pisses me off is excise. I just noticed how close that is to 'exercise'. I think that positive things like health improvement supps shouldn't get taxed as badly as carcinogens, alcohol, vain bullshit clothes and stuff etc, but that's a bit radical.

I second that if Biotest ever opened a store in Europe, that would be wicked


Yeah, I got a ?35 pounds (approx $70) bill from customs a few weeks later - luckily i had flogged some Spike on ebay to cover some of the pain lol.