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Anyone From San Antonio, Texas?

I was just wondering if anyone here is from San Antonio. Since I’ve moved here from Ohio I haven’t really met anyone that is into training T-Nation style. I was just curious. I work out at Golds b/c it’s close to my apartment but have yet to see anyone to a freakin deadlift or power clean. Hell the more I think about it, I don’t even think i’ve seen anyone squat. Seen plenty of people doing curls though and looking at themselves in the mirror. Anyway let me know if there are any SA people on this site.

I’m in Houston, but you should check out Seguin Fitness. The owner, or someone affiliated with him is the state chair for the APF. You will see deadlifts in that gym… Seguin is right next to San Antonio.

I have lived in San Antonio my entire life and can tell you from personal experience not too many people who work out at Gold’s perform deadlifts or cleans, at least in S.A. Such was the reason I dropped my membership there after 2 months. There are other gyms where the atmosphere might be more to your liking. Red’s Gym or perhaps Joe’s are two places you might look at.


I think Gold’s and Red’s are okay. I’ve never seen Joe’s though. I belong to the Olympic Gym (off N. New Braunfels St.). I could be wrong, but I think that they’re the only place in town with a reverse hyper, GHR, safety squat bar, cambered bar, thick bar, steel logs, multiple squat racks and such…if you want that sorta stuff. Hope that helps.

Also if there is anyone that is maybe looking for someone to train with let me know. I usually like to train alone but if someone is dedicated to strength training I wouldn’t might giving it a shot.