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Anyone From New Hampshire?


Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone else was from the NH Seacoast area..I have been to almost all the gyms in this area and I am always wondering if anonoe else in the gym belongs to T-Nation.. Although most the people I see look at my T-Nation/Biotest shirts with a wierd look on there face or ask me why in gods name would I do a weighted chin/dip....anywho just wondering if I am all alone up here....


Seacoast area??

Hell yeah! Finally, a fellow T-Nationer. :slight_smile:

I worked out at the Works in Somersworth for a couple of months, and now I'm at World Gym in downtown Dover. The guys there are all pretty big, music is blasting, I like it.

I've only met one other T-Nation dude, but he said he didn't post. He saw my Surge, said it was "good stuff," and we talked a bit about Biotest and Berardi. :slight_smile:

So whereabouts are you from? I'm in Dover.


Just moved out of downtown dover into a condo in Rochester (I know)...

World Gym is the best around here but due to my work schedule I have not been there in about a month..I used to love going early Sunday morning I was all alone and the guy at the front desk would blare some hard music...I have been stuck going to PF and I swear my gains have been lacking from it.

You following any programs/diets?


Until I have a solid 4-5 years under my belt, I'll always consider myself a newbie, so no, I'm not really.

For training, I guess you could call it a program, here's what I do now:

ME squats
5 x 5 bench press
5 x 5 bent-over rows
3 x 8 calves

3 x 8 deadlifts
5 x 5 chins
5 x 5 military presses
3 x 8 calves

3 x 8 squats
5 x 5 bench press
5 x 5 bent-over rows
3 x 8 calves

Next week it starts with ME deads, and so on and so forth. It's really just a template focusing on all the big, compound lifts. I'm looking to get stronger mainly, because I know at this age and experience looking for bigger lifts will be the quickest way to a bigger body as well. Once I stop seeing gains on this (which will probably be a looong time from now), I'll switch it up, some more supplementary leg work like lunges, RDLs, GHRs, and switch the upper body exercises, most likely a lot more shoulders (it's my weakest point).

Diet is my weak point, I'm not even going into detail, all you need to know is that I need to eat more, and I damn well know it... to borrow a quote from Dave Barr, I'm a beast in the weightroom, but a pussy in the kitchen.

How about you?


I trained along the same guidelines as you are for a while...It gave me great gains and a good base(not that IM anywhere near huge) but I am a FFB, after a nasty operation after a sports injury I balloned up to almost 275. I took me about 2 years to get back down to around 170ish..I have been bulking up since..now Im 5'10 204lbs. 17-18%bf.

I just finished Waterburys BB frontier ..kicked me in the ass -but with the help of MAG-10 I went from 185 to where I am now.

Baseball season just started up so I decided to try out CT's superhero program (my arms are lagging from never really working them which I regret now.. 15 1/2" cold)
Actually I might even pass on the hardball and just play mens softball this year...Id rather put more effort in at the gym than the field at this point.

As far as diet I have followed many, but now I am bulking using a hybrid CT/Berardi(carb cycle meets massive eating) 4500cal daily 365pro 365 carb 175 fat
off days i cut carbs down to 70% (256)


Check your PMs.

Anyone else from NH, or the Seacoast area?


only 2 guys from NH...????
come on guys chime in..


Haha, I can't believe there are actually T-Nationers in Dirty Dover nevermind working out in Planet Fitness. No weight belts, 80lbs dumbbells, being called a lunk, and worse off the testosterone suckig color purple.

I don't feel as ashamed anymore. Thank you.


yeah no shit--I have been tossed from the dover one for a dip belt..BUT at least there is a little bit to look at there...the Rocchester is a little better- no purple walls , but forget getting a workout in- it is like a daycare in the afternoon with 15 years olds...you guessed it curling in the squat rack...


Born and raised in Maine, although I was always driving through NH or playing soccer there. I'll be closer to home starting in August, though; Boston is call ing me back.



Anz, why don't you move to World Gym? It's really awesome here.


hey Eric you went to the same school as my GF does...UNE. I have trained there a few times and was surprised at the size and strength of some of the students there.


It's a pretty tiny gym on campus, isn't it? There are a few big guys around, though. Maine is actually a pretty good hotbed for powerlifting, believe it or not; there are great hardcore PL gyms in Lewiston, Bangor, and Westbrook. There really isn't much to do but get big and strong in Maine. :wink:

I'm originally from Kennebunk - only 15 minutes South of UNE. Let me know when you're up there; I might be around a bit this summer.



Live in Epsom, work out at the world famous Chicken House Gym...


I go to Dartmouth, but that's not much help to you guys I guess.


Manchester NH here, Basement gym all the way!!!, went to a Planet Fatness once and that was all it took....Any of you guys powerlifters?


Born and raised in Portsmouth, but I'm only there a couple months out of the year these days. Back home in August next.

And I second whoever said Planet Fitness sucks, between the rubber covered weights and the "lunk alarm" the place is a far cry from hard core. They play like Madonna techno remixes and stuff on the stereo by corporate order too.


Actually, I was born in Vermont, not that anyone cares.


I was going to make a snide remark...and then I remembered I was born in..Ahem...Massachusetts...

As a caveat, we moved here before I was two...


Sounds good,
her family lives in Kennebunk too. eah the gym is rather small but when Im there on the weekends it is my best option....FREE