Anyone from Montreal?

Hello everyone. I just want to start off by saying i have been debating about making this thread for awhile now and finally decided to give it a try.

I have been lifting for about 5 months now. Some of you may have seen my 405 box squat video. (yes i know the box is like 6 inch’s above parallel). Some of you might have even seen my training log. Here is a link anyway.

So to the topic at hand C_C has been helping me put together routines since i first started lifting. However he lives all way out in Germany so the one thing he can’t help me with is proper form or technique.

What I’m looking for is someone in Montreal-Quebec who can get together with maybe once or twice a month or something at a location of their choice and just help me perfect my form on the big three lifts. I’m not asking you to train me or workout with me just want some help on technique.

I know I’m asking someone here if they are willing to go out of there way to help a stranger, which is why i was reluctant to make this thread at all. I just feel like i have a lot of potential and might want to try competing someday.

I want to make it explicitly clear that i can’t afford to pay you. I can’t even afford to buy a digital camera to take videos and post them. All i can offer you is my gratitude, and a promise i will not waste your time.

All i ask is that you speak English and that wherever it is you train is accessible by public transportation. You can be either male or female you don’t need to be a super strong just someone who knows there way around, obviously if you compete that’s an added bonus cause you know what they want to see in competition.

Anyway if your interested in helping out a noob just post here. Although I’m not exactly expecting anyone to really give a shit about me, but no risk no reward right? Thank you for your reply’s.
3 months once a week 125$, well worth it if you want to compete in IPF style lifting
If you are looking at multi-ply, try Montreal Barbell in Dorian, although getting there may be tough if you rely on public transportation
There are no raw feds in Quebec, however you can lift gear free in the QPF (CPU-IPF)