Anyone From Chicago?

I will soon begin applying to law schools, and am somewhat interested in the University of Chicago. I have heard that it is in a really bad neighborhood, and I have also heard that this reputation is undeserved and overhyped.

Could anyone from Chicago please give me an honest appraisel? Would i want to live in this neighborhood? How bad is the crime? I am not at all opposed to living in a working class neighborhood, as long as it is not a violent area. Thanks for your time.

I’m a student at the U of C, and while crime didn’t used to be a problem, there’s been a weird wave of crime this year. 13 muggings in the area in the last 3 months, including someone getting a gun held to their head on the quads at 8p. Cops think it may be the same person.

It doesn’t really bother me, but I could see it being a concern. I don’t think anyone’s been seriously hurt in any of the muggings, just some guy taking money. So whether you consider that violence is up to you.

And of course it goes without saying if you go South of 60th you’re on your own.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:

It doesn’t really bother me[/quote]

Words of a true T-man.