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Anyone from Boston?



What a load of fucking pish

Hopefully this doesnt happen.

The sight of 60,000 odd plastic paddies spunking into their weak beer at the IRA fest brings a tear to a gleass eye.


60,000? What are you high?

It's soccer, if the Sox aren't on that day I would expect about 10,000 maybe 15,000 people.


Even the euro-weenie-wannabe's in beantown don't really give a rat's ass about soccer. Best thing to come out of beantown are beans and Godsmack.


haha, QFT

... and who are you calling plastic?


Beans mate for an accountant you're fucking shite with numbers.


They were playing football while you nutters where spit roasting pocahontas

You'll defo get in excess of 60k blackneck unwashed plastic paddies supporting there favourite child molestors, Celtic

Baseball ppppffffftt


You sure do have a way with words. :slight_smile:

Can anyone translate this for me?


LOL, unless we suddenly open up 55,000 temporary visas for the weekend, the place will be crickets man...

LOL @ spit roasting pocahontas


Beans you aren't good with numbers

soccer, we think it is a big deal

We have been kicking this ball around, you know playing soccer, since you been boning pocahontas

you will see 60,000 people in the stadium, and something about an uncle touching him

Jack is expressing his desire to blow ARod.


For a dude who posts some random shit, sometimes its a gas to read this dudes stuff.


"Yes ya fuckin dancers"

cracks me up every time



It all makes sense now.




Do you haz fan, beans?!?! LOL.


This is some funny shit. No one around here gives a wank about soccer. (:



Who are you, Maddonna?


So... You're saying Toots got down with ARod?

Toots is a fucking Yankee fan? Tha Nerve!?!?



Toots is worse than I thought.


Iz a bean fan, fuck godsmack


I'm with beans...they'll be lucky with 15,000 tops.


I want a Little Debbie Boston Creme Roll now =(


This is Boston man, I dont even think I know anyone who watches soccer.