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Anyone from Belfast?

Any T-men living or have lived in Belfast?

I’m looking at getting some info about living and working in Belfast.

The client site is at Amelia Street, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT2 7GS Ireland and I’m looking at getting an apartment close to the site or there abouts.

Is this areas far away from the CBD?

What is the rental rates like?

Which areas to avoid and which areas might be good to rent at?

Any websites etc?

How about gyms around that area.

Really appreciate any suggestions.



Haven’t been lived there for 5yrs but am back quite regularly.

You are right in the city centre ther. Dublin Rd, Bedford St lead to the City Hall which is dead centre and the main landmark - all bus routes terminate there etc.There’s a train station in Dublin Rd. Bradbury Place/Shaftsbury Squ is the main night life in town.

A lot of the dodgy areas adjoin onto the city centre as well as the student quarter and some yuppie developements - the usual rules apply - if the windows are boarded up, there’s debris in the street, grafitti, - don’t go down that street!

Rental is relatively cheap or was -I used to pay ?150pm for a rm in a decent 3bedroom in a nice part of the Ormeau Rd.


Gymwise - there are a lot of chains in Belfast as well as a lot of council run leisure centres -you’ll just have to shop around.

You’ll find the city vibrant with alot of investment going on at the moment and the people really friendly. When you tire of the pubs check out the nightclubs at the Oddesey Complex.

Good luck mate.

Yeah I’ll second the above. Youre right in the centre there. Literally right across the road from the train station. Also right across the road is the Europa Hotel, the most bombed hotel in Europe, or was it the world?? Dont let that put you off though!!

Area wise - you’ll know the shit areas when you see them, watch out for excessive flags, murals and painted kerbstones.

Gym wise Im not sure cos I work out at home but theres plenty of leisure centres etc about the place.

Theres a pretty big supplements & equipment store near that location as well - you could ask in there for a few good gyms. Its called Workout World.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

Irish Daza/comedypedro -Thanks guys, really appreciate the info.

I’m looking at getting to Belfast by Jan sometime and at the moment desperately trying to organise accomodation from Australia - which just adds to all the excitement and pain of moving somewherre I have no idea about.

Can you guys recommend a good area to look for Renting. I’ve been told Lisburn Rd might be a good area.

I’ll have to check out Workout World and more importantly Oddesey :slight_smile:

Again, totally appreciate the suggestions.


Lisburn Road is good and fairly close to Amelia St. Stranmillis is decent too but further away.

If youve got the money then there are some really nice apartments around the city centre.

Most parts of Ormeau and Ravenhill are decent but I wouldnt take a place in the Holy Lands.