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Anyone Found That They NEED HCG for Normal Libido/Sexual Function?

Just curious if anyone here has found that no matter what test dose or frequency they use of T, that they don’t feel a healthy libido, enrgy, or have normal sexual function without the inclusion of HCG.

I’m open to the idea that I just haven’t found a good T only protocol for myself, but HCG seems to make a noticeable difference, at least at first.

There are some guys who just don’t do well on injections as far as sexual function goes, but seem to need big fluctuations in hormones levels to get all the benefits of TRT and the cream achieves it.

I was always fatigued on TRT and all I needed was a diuretic to cure the fatigue and erections issues and the funny thing is I wasn’t showing any signs of fluid retention except via high blood pressure.

Some would have you believe the body self regulates hormones correctly, but this isn’t always the case and is why some men have hormonal problems in the first place due to underlying issues still present on TRT.

When someone initiates TRT, the dysfunction that caused the low-T are still going on under the surface and you are trying to go around something and this messes up the body ability to reach homeostasis.

You need to play around with your injection frequency, everyone will have their own frequency which works best for them. I do well on daily or EOD injections, response to TRT beyond EOD starts to diminish.

I understand that different guys need different protocols to find their balance, and that is something I’m still working on. My question was more in relation to HCG - is it possible that there are men who simply can not get dialed in without it?

This is true that some men can’t make TRT work without it, these guys are in the minority. Your particular response to HCG suggest it may not be the answer and that your TRT protocol isn’t dialed in.

You mention energy as a problem, HCG has nothing to do with energy, sexual function yes, but energy levels is a matter of a properly dialed in TRT protocol.

And there seems to be some that never feel good with it

I’m curious what makes you say that HCG isn’t an answer if I notice some benefits (some libido, sensitivity, mental clarity, etc) from it? And also, if I am one of those guys that need it, how can I get dialed in if I keep experimenting without it?

I’m a mid range shbg guy with what I guess would be a normal rate of aromatase. My thyroid is dialed in, adrenal function is working well, etc. If I were going to “start over” on TRT to get dialed in, what would the approach be?

Once again, you talk absolute bunkum. Im not sure if you read what you post. Im not advocating anyone on TRT use HCG without a need such as fertility. Nonetheless, HCG increases T which can potentially result in energy and other benefits, ALONG with sexual function.

Plenty of guys on HCG monotherapy would beg to differ with your “nothing”.

Please refrain from posting fake information. Thank you.

It’s because if its doesn’t work for him, it’s not allowed to work for for anyone else. Ignore this guy. Theres a thread dedicated to calling him out.

Let me answer for systemlord. Daily injections of 5mg.

Does this mean that the benefits I get of hcg are from the t increases alone?

Not necessarily, it could be the E2 increase, the activation of other LH receptors or something else making HCG useful for some. Was not my point. My point was, there are potentially other benefits, while this system chap says ONLY sexual benefits.

You taking my comment out of context, the guy doesn’t have a shortage of testosterone because he is on TRT, therefore he doesn’t lack energy due to T being low. HCG or not his energy problem and is due to not being dialed in on TRT.

Now if you want to talk about sexual function/fertility on TRT where HCG is needed, that’s a different story.

No my friend, Im not buying your spin or your weak cover up. You specifically said “HCG has nothing to do with energy”.

You made a statement, either retract it or you need to back it up.

Ok, back on topic. So I gather that you have tried multiple times going on HCG and getting an improvement, only for it to fall away?

What’s your protocol? List everything you are taking, how much, how often and for how long.

what diuretic?

Without knowing your exact protocol, it’s hard to make suggestions. Personally, I feel best with a little HCG. Like 100iu EOD. I think you will find a few members @middleages and @vonko1988 perhaps? who are similar. I find that libido and orgasms are better. Also the inclusion of cream has helped in this area.

My most recent protocol for the past 9 weeks is 140mg testosterone cypionate and 700iu HCG, split into two injections per week. I also take Cialis daily at 2.5mg.

Felt great for about a month, then familiar sides occuring. No erections, low libido, fatigue.

My numbers on this 6 weeks later came back 1201 total t, e2 65, shbg 35. I tried Anastrozole 1/8 tab from my physician. I felt great for a few days but a lack of penile sensitivity. Every subsequent dose, twice weekly, made me feel horrible for about 24 hours before feeling better, so I dropped it.

Yes exactly. I feel great for a few weeks and then most of the benefits die right off. Although I still feel less “flat” emotionally.

I also feel best with some HCG.

By the way I talked to my doctor today and he said something Im worried about - that in some time the body builds antibodies against HCG and I cannot continue to use it all the time and will need at least to cycle it at some point. Do you have info about that?

For how long have you used it?