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Anyone Follow Post Secret?



Does anyone else follow this site? Its very interesting.

One day a guy decided to send out blank post cards to random people he found in the yellow pages with directions saying "write a secret on here and send it back." Apparently, people did, so he sent out more.

Now, people send secrets in and he posts them anonymously on his site.

Pretty cool concept, if you asked me.


Oh great...now you have another way to send out your man-crush secrets.


I read it all the time.


Every week.


I get an email when it comes out every week.


Every Sunday. There's a little bit of everything on there. My favorite this week was the girl who snooped and found her engagement ring.


Reminds me of another site, Group Hug, where folks anonymously post secrets.


I think most of the posters (and readers) are teenage girls.


Ya think? Bitches. Is. Crazy. That's the proof.


Quoted for truth. I wouldn't limit it to only teenage girls, either.