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Anyone Fluent in German?


Anyone fluent in German?

What the heck are they rapping about?


Shut you mouth...but other than that I don't know. Germans use too many words to say not very much :stuck_out_tongue:



Now you got me into one hell of a moral dilemma...
Should I hate you for insulting my people (ohoho, like I care about the German language or this blasted country in general), or do I ignore the insult and spend some more time looking at your lovely pictures in SAMA instead?

You better feel guilty enough about this to post even more pictures of your fine self :slight_smile:

As for the OP... I'm fluent in German (yeah, shocking, I know), but Linux doesn't like the sound-card in my internet-rig... So, you'll have to find someone else to help you.


After actually watching the first 10 seconds of the video, I'm sort of glad my sound-card isn't working...


First of all, the two guidos are not representative of REAL German rap, these guys are bad, mmmhkay?

They're rapping about beating up/killing the lyrical "you" about their oh-so-hard-life in the so-called german "ghetto" (whereever the fuck that may be) you know, the usual 50 cent wannabe garbage.

If that's what you're hinting at, they don't mention working out in this song, even though it is placed in a gym.

Edit: In the video where they DO talk about working out, it goes like "I warm up with 220lbs on bench press!"- guess that`s also his 1RM with the other broski shouting "It's all you!!!!"


Ich nicht haben neue bilder fur diche :frowning:




Check out this swoldier and his diet 1:07 :wink:


The title could be translated as "Shut the fuck up"- His names seems to be Automatikk.

Apparently this young gentleman lives in an area without an effective law enforcement which is why only the strong survive in his neighborhood and why you would not want to go there after dark.

Should you be unwise enough to get drawn into a conflict of an kind with him he has hundreds of friends who you would then also get to meet, just not all of them, because some of them or under certain restraints when it comes to changing their location because of problems with the law.

Should those friends not be convincing enough he also knows how to operate a sidearm.

He thinks that the whole "street game" is close to chess, but that, unlike chess, every move can be deadly and that he is playing it well.

He finishes with claiming that the German language is his "bitch" and that he makes money by pimping her out. This is actually, factually, true.

There are some samples and allusions in there of German hip-hop like "Kopfsteinpflaster".


Oh Mann, danke Orion, dass ich mir den Muell nicht angucken musste. Tolle Uebersetzung - ich kanns mir ganz genau vorstellen.


PS: To Debra - I just said thanks. :wink:





It's like their version of the high five.


So do you guys think these dudes are swole?




No, but I'm fluent in Danish.

Which kicks German ass.


I think I know which country to invade next.


But i'm fluent in Irish which kicks every languages ass :stuck_out_tongue:

The worst language is Welsh LOL i defy anyone to listen to Welsh for 5 minutes without thinking "WTF"


They're not German,they're Turks living in Berlin,according to the video they didn't do the Abitur,which is the Leaving Cert in Ireland or A Levels in England.They say they're all brothers.That's about as much as I got out of it,but I wasn't really trying hard after the first 30 seconds,as it's completely shit.


haften Sie es im FrauenscheiÃ?eloch ?


Jeg forstår ikke pølsetysk.


@3IdSpetsnaz: how did you find that shit. its the worst example for german rap. Like explaining the us army and use Lynndie England as an example.

... although those guys trying to look like deadly hard gangsters are really funny to watch. especially if you turn the music off...