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Anyone Feel Off with HCG?

Anyone feel off with HCG?

So I’ve been taking HCG with my TRT for around 8 months, started 500iu twice weekly then 250iu EOD then 125iu EOD and even as little as 75iu EOD.

I’ve had various blood tests that show my E2 isn’t elevated either, the next day after an HCG shot I just feel extremely off.

I have like a tense feeling in my testicles that I’d unpleasant and feel kind of like a shrinking feeling in my muscles and body, also I feel strange mentally, almost like I just don’t feel right.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I actually tried coming off HCG for over a week and felt so much better but I want to retain my testicle size and fertility so for me HCG is a must but I honestly don’t like how it makes me feel.

I know it’s supposed to be an LH analogue but I can’t help but think that it’s really not good for the male body, almost like it’s a foreign unknown substance and my body somehow doesn’t agree with it?

I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s not uncommon for HCG not to agree with guys for some reason. Some guys seem to love it, others feel terrible with it.

Fertility doesn’t seem to be much of an issue long term, recovering fertility seems to be pretty straight forward, just restart the hcg when you want to have a kid. (Keep in mind trt doesn’t guarantee you are always infertile). There’s always a risk, though it seems to be a small one.

For testicle size there doesn’t seem to be a way around that, though the size difference isn’t really that great, it’s not like they shrivel up to the size of raisins, mine are maybe 10-15% smaller, but that’s just a guess, cause neither my wife nor I can tell the difference. As is often stated on here, no woman ever told a guy, I loved your balls last night.

Is ball size more important that feeling great all the time? Only you can answer that

Hope this helps some.

Some love it, some hate it.

I despised it. I’d rather die than touch that shit again.

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Yes I felt that way and haven’t touched it for years. Solo test for me and my boys are still plump.


I feel off from it if my test levels are below 1200-1100. When I go higher I have no issues but I use only 60-70 daily. Without HCG my libido suffers greatly

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Can you describe how it made you feel?

If it’s anything like me, it’s a hard feeling to describe

How did it make you feel? Did you not experience any testicle soreness or anything?

Sounds like you are making changes and lowering you t levels. Your tested are feeling weird because you have less hcg keeping them active.

You need to make a decision. Stay on hcg and get the benefits of size or get off and stop worrying about it .

You don’t need HCG to retain fertility. It doesn’t work like that. When it’s time to get her pregnant you can start hcg for a few months.
This is how it’s been done for a long time now and rarely do men have issues being fertile if they didn’t use hcg whole on TRT.

HCG causes people to feel tired. They have itching. Some get red on the face. Others just feel bad. If you take 250iu every 4th day, and symptoms do not resolve, I would get my hcg from another pharmacy. Sometimes a different brand is all you need.

Mostly anxious and uneasy. Its hard to describe but not I didn’t have any physical symptoms. I honestly have never noticed any atrophy.

Appreciate the insight, it’s not like I’m swapping and changing constantly, I’ve tried different doses over a long period of time.

It’s strange, I’m just concerned about losing function in the testicles and reports of back filling hormonal pathways etc from HCG

Do you take any other things like DHEA, Preg, Prog etc? Or simply just T only?

Well there is zero proof this back filling of pathways is helpful. It’s logical. Similar to how taking hCG to stay fertile is logical, but the truth was realized long ago , and you only need to take hCG when it’s time to become fertile.

Dr crissler is the one who came up with back filling. RIP

It was not founded on medical literature.

Just go without hCG. it takes time for the body to get used to it and you will obviously need to increase your injection dosage to compensate.

T only. 120mg/wk split into two 60mg injections E3.5 days

Yea think I will give it a go for a while just to test how I feel, I just hate this feeling that HCG seems to give me.

Cool, do you take any supplements at all?