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Anyone Familiar with HST?

After my two week long SD. I am going to start my second cycle.
On the first cycle I got decent results.
My routine will be (won’t change exercises from last cycle):

-Bench press
-Bb row
-Standing bb press
-Chin ups
-Bb Curl
-Back Squat
-Donkey calf

On the first cycle I did the basic vanilla version 1x15, 2x10,3x5.

Now I will try 2x15, 2x10, 2x5 and, after training a bodypart I will do some form of loaded or occlusion stretch.

If anyone has experience with this routine please critique.

try the search function?? …theres 100 plus threads on it

I used the search function to look for HST routine more than once. And after all I thought that it would be the case to open a new thread, since none of them is actually addressing exercise selection (maybe a couple of them, but that was not what I was looking for) and very few address the volume problem (most of the thread ended with someone who didn’t even try the routine saying “use another routine”).

I was hoping, even though this program is not en vogue anymore, to find some “veteran” who not only have used the program, but hopefully have seen other using it and knows how it works…