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Anyone Exercise Their Pets?

I take my dog running.

On days when we don’t run, we do loads of “high jumps” as I dangle a toy over his head.

I superset that with tug of war.


He’s dense. He doesn’t look big, but when he sits on someone, they say “He’s heavy!”

I dont take my dog running or anything regularly… I do wrestle with him alot, though. Hes actually really strong, he pulled my 13 year old brother (whose about 95 lbs) to the ground last year (imagine a little bit smaller, I guess) when he was holding his leash and mulligan saw another dog.

I happen to have a very athletic cat. I prefer dogs but this one does HIIT like everyday. Flats, stairs, jumps, core work when a string is dangled, stretching. You get the idea.
Lol, on occasion, I have her to wheelbarrows.

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My cat is just mental. Keep running after something everyday. Sometimes, I think he doesn’t even know what he’s running after…but I love him anyways. So no, I don’t exercise him.

The best exercise for a cat is a laser pointer. They go bananas for it. There isnt anything they wont do to try and catch that little red dot!

[quote]PGA200X wrote:
The best exercise for a cat is a laser pointer. They go bananas for it. There isnt anything they wont do to try and catch that little red dot![/quote]

Too high tech–a wooden stick is the best exercise for a pussy.

I, too have a cat that cannot resist the laser pointer. I use it put her to sleep some nights if she’s over-active. I just let her tear abour for ten minutes or so, then turn it off. Apparently that makes her feel like she’s been hunting, gorges herself on cat food and sleeps at the foot of the bed. It beats having a clawed steamroller run over my back every eight minutes in the middle of the night.

My German Short-Haired Pointer gets his own excercise. He chases field mice and bees during the day. Lightning Bugs at night. Occasionally he’ll tree a squirrel. That’s usually good for an hour of attempted tree climbing.

I exercise all my animals.


Henry-Wrestle, chases after me while I am on the quad. Tries to fight with the girl dog but gets owned everytime.

Emma- Goat herder dog. Also herds the chickens but sometimes plays them to death.

Goats- running away from emma

Cats-- 10 (1 one inside)- Running away from crazy foster kids.

Horses- Running away from me trying to put their fly masks on. Running for food. Running for their horse ho’s. Throwing me of as I try to train them.

Donkey- I used to wrestle with her but she got old. Now she just follows me all day

Chickens- The roosters fight and chase the foster kids. Jimmy the banty rooster tries to fuck and fight everything in site.

Hens get let out from 6:00 to 8:30 so they can free range-Emma just ends up chasing them around.

Its a cycle. And yes, its all true.

I do the same thing.

In the morning, I take my dog jogging around a small lake.

Before bed, tug-of-war time. I’d rather skip that one, but it’s usually initiated by the dog.

red rocket, red rocket

Gets the heartrate up everytime.


Oh, sorry, I thought you said Pecs.

Yeah, mostly sprints and hill sprints.

I made him do some power snatches, but it didn’t turn out as good as I expected.

EDIT: I’m talking about my dog.

i used to ride my bike, and make my pit run behind me. not very fast, just a brisk walk for him. i got another dog and she is a big wierdo, she gets scketchy over everything. i tried to ride with her, but she kept pulling me into poles and almost making me fall. she’s an idiot of a dog, but she still kicks ass.

i carried her on a plane from alaska this year, she was only 8 weeks old. her name is kenai she’s a husky mix, your average alaska sled dog.

A good friend of mine has a dog that he takes to the park every morning to throw sticks around and generally let her run around and chase squirrels and whatnot. A few years ago, he hiked the Appalachian Trail and took the dog with him. She did all of the trail except the last ~100 miles because she broke a toe. Now the dog is about 9 or 10 years old and is one of the healthiest, leanest, most vibrant dogs of any age I’ve ever seen.

Oh and another dog he had which just died last year went to the park as well every morning but didn’t do the Appalachian Trail. She was 17 when she died.

Just goes to show that dogs benefit a LOT from consistent exercise.