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Anyone Excited for Brown v. Faber II?


I know I sure as hell am! The first time they fought, it could be said Brown got lucky while others say he just had good technique and Faber turned his back to the opponent. Anyway, barring Brown knocking Faber's head off in the first round, which I think he can do, its gonna be a fucking amazing fight. I am looking forward to see if Faber has taken a lot of the flamboyant/dangerous/questionably useful techniques out of his arsenal for this one.


Yeah I think it'll be an exciting fight, although it's not going to go the distance. I just don't see anyone being able to take punches for too long against Brown. He's just SO powerful, and his timing is GREAT! I like Faber, but brown is probably going to stay on top for a while.


Faber by submission in the 3rd.


all in all a very impressive fight imo


yep. Brown is a beast. Too bad Faber broke his hand in the first. Brown vs. Aldo should be an interesting fight.


aldo is fucking insanely fast. dunno id lol if brown knocked him out with a jab if he opens with a flying knee attack.


man, almost all of the fights on that card were awesome!

I'm becoming more of a fan of Cerrone every time i see him fight....


Yeah, I'd like to see yet another rematch. Faber really impressed me with his ability to adapt and his heart (never gave up despite his being in obvious pain). I do think that he is physically outmatched by Brown though and he'll need to be the best he's ever been and have a very good game plan to take the title from him.


i think brown's biggest strength is that aside from his physicality, he never seems intimidated. alot of fighters who lost to faber were fighting scared, at least imo.


Faber was winning up until he broke his hand. A third match would be good imo.


What's crazy is I would watch another rematch tomorrow. Most of the time rematches don't interest me. After watching this last match, I don't see Faber finishing Brown but I do beleive he could win a decision if it stayed on the feet for a few rounds. Brown's wrestling is going to be a handful for anyone. Stay out of the clinch with that guy.


true, and what's more I personally am starting to like the WEC better than the UFC. not as much advertising and off the wall crap. just good old fashioned fights, they are free on versus, and most if not all have explosive and exciting athletes on every card. i know i have paid for more than one snoozer UFC ppv in the past.


Maybe some of you have seen - some assholes over at Sherdog have accused Faber of too much bitching and milking about his hand injuries. I have seen the event and I can't begin to comprehend where that comes from...


The dude fights 4 rounds with two of his metacarpals broken against the beast that is Mike Brown, after one of the rounds points to his cornermen that his right hand is done and after the 5-round decision he tries to do what, I beieve, everyone here will do - take care of his health, and now he's a douchebag? Damn, these Sherdog guys must be really badass (or maybe really stupid...) if they want the fighters to act like Rambo just because of some fans' perception of MMA as the "Bloodsport" tournament.

Faber didn't say "I would have been the champion, if I didn't break my hand", he congratulated Brown, and you can tell that Brown was sincere, when he talked about Faber's toughness. I'm not a fan of Urijah, but he is a fighter by heart, and this shit was really strange to hear.


That's not strange at all....its Sherdog. Most of the posters there have an IQ number that matches their age....the average being 13.


they are entitled to their opinion, even though they are examples of those internet warrior guru Tapout shirt wearing turd merchants.