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Anyone Ever


go to the same gym as a well known bodybuilder did? back in the mid 80's rich gaspari used to work out in the same golds gym i did.


I used to train w/ Jack London, a former Mr. Universe.


Not a bodybuilder, but I did go to the same gym(s) as two world record holding benchers.

One was Dave Waterman. He was shorter than me (I'm 5'5"), 198lbs and benched over 600lbs. Another guy who went to the same gym (Body America, which closed down and he now goes to Powerhouse) was Jim Kilts. Also benched over 600, but I think he weighed around 180 something.

Dave looked more like a bodybuilder. He looked as wide as he was tall, and was shredded. Jim is big as well, but it's not as blatently obvious as Dave was. I don't think either of them were competitive in squats or deads (though I'm not sure), but their benches were still incredible, especially for their body weights.

They were awesome to watch working out, but I would try not to bother them as I didn't want to be that anoying kid always asking questions.

They both gave me a lot of motivation to keep doing what I'm doing.


Living in San Jose, I was privileged to have Scott Wilson and Ed Corney live in the city, train in our Gold's Gym daily. Just over the hill in Santa Cruz, Dave Draper has his World's, and was a frequent guest. Honorable mention to Mr. Paul Love as well.


I train at the same gym as Jean Peirre Fux(www.jpfux.com). The guy is F'n huge. I'd say he weighs in at like 230 or 240 still. My gym is also home to some competing body builders who come in at like 220 or so.
The other golds in the area is home to some other really huge monsters. I'd say in all I see about 5 or 6 guys that compete in the big leagues.

Anyone else in palm springs?


I worked and trained with a world record holder in the bench at 145lbs. He was like Spud Webb. he was 5'2" and he could dunk a volleyball.


I live in the same town as Larry Scott, and have heard that he works out at my gym, but I've never seen him there.

And of course the number one draft picks from both football and basketball are from the UNIVERSITY of UTAH, my alma mater twice over. History has been made, folks! Probably never to happen again in our lifetimes! They're not bodybuilders, but fantastic athletes.


Alot of NY Giants and NY Jets trained at the NYSC I went to. Some of the NJ Devils and NJ Nets too. Met some of them, forgot their names, but all their pictures are up in the Cafe. Ill try to find out next week who they all are.

Except for Tiki Barber, hes a real cool guy, I saw him a bunch of times.