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anyone ever?....

Anyone here ever take yoga or Pilates? It might not sound T-man-ish but I’m serious about becoming very flexible. I would appreciate it if youy would share your experiences …thanks, Mike

I think pilates has many applications for the T-man and is a great adjunct for just about any activity. It’s great for core strength and to borrow from a phrase used round these parts I’d call it “functional flexibility”. It also feels great when done correctly. I suggest finding a pro to teach you the basics and can then do pilates mat work at home. Private sessions can be costly but you will feel muscles you think you didn’t have. Added bonus…functional bedroom activity. peace

I have been embarrassed to bring it up, but I have been doing Pilates almost 3 years. It has helped tremendously with flexibility, balance (if that matters to you) and abdominal strength. When Pavel suggests that you can lift more by tightening your abs, this is nothing new to pilates people.

If you can afford it, you will get more out of private lessons than classes, and make sure your instructor is certified and has experience.

let me know when you reach your goals!! I wanna borrow you for at least 30 seconds!

I’ve have done both Yoga and Pilates. I’ve found Yoga more beneficial for improving flexibility and Pilates more helpful for improving core strength. The increase flexibility and core strength make it possible for me to train hard injury free. Like Paul
Chek, I have no need for a belt. Most muscle heads would have a hard time finishing either a Pilates or Yoga session- it’s harder than it looks. I like to think of T-men as more than mere muscleheads- more like rugged indivuals who are willing to try new things to advance their training.

Thanks guys…I appreciate your respnses…I really want to start one of these…especially the pilates.sounds awesome…If i could only find a trainer…anyone happen to live near Scranton PA hahah. thanks again …Mike

About how much do you guys pay your trainers? Just curious.

Before you make a decision, have a look at an article written by Mel Siff, re Pilates. It appears in his Supertraining group and also a site called Dolfzine.

Mike M–I live in Pittsburgh and I’ll see what I can do about finding you a pilates person in your area.

ryno–a good pilates trainer (not someone who took the weekend workshop and now teaches it) costs $50-$65+ per hour and is worth it. Why? besides all the benefts mentioned above, a good pilates trainer will help you identify and correct muscular imbalances.

Scott thanks alot for your help. That is expensive but I think I’d be willing to pay in order to reap the benefits of flexibility,great abdominal strength and balance. If you find someone let me know…Thanks again, Mike

I agree with snaus. Take a look at that article and save your money for supplements or anything more useful.

Mike I found a few resources that might help you find pilates in your area: check out (1) pilatesmethodalliance.org/homepage.html and (2)coredynamicspilates.com. You might also call around to any dance groups in your area as professional dancers tend to be into pilates. YOu might also have more luck looking in Wilkes-Barre.

As far the the pilates detractors (are you HITers by any chance?)–you have heard the experience of those of us who have done it. It does provide certain benefits e.g. core strength, flexibility, balance which can be useful. There are other ways to these ends, but pilates (or yoga depending on your goal/your body’s needs) would make a good addition to bodybuliding/weightlifting.

Mate, i am far from being a HITer, and i do not totally disgree with Pilates, i have read quite a bit on it. It is just that if someone asks for an oppinion on something, i think they should hear the good and the bad. Although what Dr Siff says isn’t 100 percent bad, he makes some valid points. It is worth a read. And you are right, a good conditioning routine will also make you more Flexible, improve your core strength and will point out any muscle imbalances.

Scott…thanks alot for your help…i will check those out…I’ll let you know how it goes, well gotta go eat some Turkey, Happy thanksgiving!

My apologies. My reaction stemmed from seeing too many paople who lift but put no energy into flexibility work at all. I’d be curious what you do for flexibility. I’m going to post a “flexibility poll” and see what people on this forum are doing in this area.

A few years ago I took a weekly yoga class, probably for two years. It was wonderful; I was one of only two males in a class of women, most of whom were very good looking, in tights and tank tops, and quite flexible. It was all good. And the other guy was/is quite “un-T-Man-like.” Oh yeah, the stretching was great, also!
Seriously, I utilize many of the stretches in my stretching today, when I get around to it.