Anyone Ever Used Muscle Milk?

A friend of mine is going to sell me 4 bottles of the 1.2kg Muscle Milk, and i was wondering if anyone had any experiences with muscle milk Like what are the best flavours any decents recipies for shakes and stuff along those lines.

inb4 “buy Metabolic Drive” i have no money.


So i have used it awhile back ago. Its the best tasting stuff known to man. I am pretty sure every flavor is really good, almost divine. The only thing i did not like about it was that it is really high in fat. Which is not such a bad thing but i dont know if its best right after a work out. Any its hard to believe but all the flavors are good, i stuck with strawberry. cookies a cream was awesome though too. hope this helps

Tastes good, kinda lacking on some things.

nothing magical, just like MD. I actually prefer taste of MD than MM for quite some time

I heard some complaints about sugar and stuff but use what ya got?

I used to use it religiously and my diet was pretty spot on and I got a bloat from it, as soon as I quit taking it my bloat went away. But it does taste good though.