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Anyone Ever Try Stairmill w/ Weights?

Have any of you ever tried using the stairmill with a bar on your shoulders. I just thought of this today and I am thinking for like 5-8 minutes it could be a great technique.

The stairmill is a pretty grueling method of cardio to begin with at a certain speed unweighted. I am picturing a light bar on your shoulders and the speed reduced on the stairmill.

im picturing an injury waiting to happen.

generally when im using weights i may get fatigued and need to rest for a couple senconds during the set. if i slow down on the stairclimber with a bar ill end up tripping and fuckin myself up. why not use a weighted vest instead?

I’ve done this at the end of a leg workout. Two ten pound dumbbells for only 3-5 minutes. This is all the “cardio” I do- as I am “bulking” per say. Great way to burn out the legs. Get ready for people to stare though.

yeah with a bar on your shoulders i am thinking you will look like a total world beater to most of the loads on the cardio machines