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Anyone Ever Try High Volume Forward Walking Lunges?


Still very tough though. “Breathing” sets are great.

Ah nice. Yea I have an SSBar, always wanted to do some very high rep stuff with it, but was more used to barbell. SSBar would be nice for that, the fact that you can shake out an arm etc … hands/arms get numb as fu*k with a barbell.


What are your guys thoughts on pushing vs. pulling the sled?

I’ve always pushed the sled at the gym, but after reading this thread I’m keen to try pulling. Any tips for technique?



Ah yeah. I had access to that kind of GHR bench before, they were quiet easy. GHR Floor Bench is a different animal. That’s the one I have, that causes me so many problems if I use it.

Also props to your mom for doing GHR’s lol.

hah yup. no idea. just vanished. I leave all of my stuff outside: rack/bars/plates/grippers/formerly sled/sorinex ghr etc. Sled just disappeared.

I use “rust” as an anti theft mechanism. Though, the grippers don’t rust :smiley:



I actually prefer pushing it. Dragging it is kinda annoying to me (mentioned above).

One of my favorite sleds for pushing, was actually one of these, brutal, loved it:

I’ve thought about getting one of those, pretty portable/easy to load up/use anywhere. Don’t need alot of weight on it at all for pushes. Need alot more weight for drags etc.

We used to have sled push races with that back when I was at some Sports Center. I used to crush every1, it was fun. Lots of people puked after doing intense sled push workouts with that thing. hah.



Stay upright, try not to lean too much. Use your muscles, not gravity.

Don’t go too fast. Try to make the sled Jerk forward every step. Step, Pull, Step, Pull, Step, Pull.

Use a long strap. If it’s too short you “Pop” and drag the sled forward right into your heel/Achilles tendon.

Dragging forward, with the strap attached to your belt is good for glutes/hip drive.

Dragging backwards is good for thighs. Using some kind of handle in your hands works better than trying to your belt when going backwards.

It is an intense workout. People at my gym always use too much weight and try to pull too fast, and try to go too fast between drags. They get pooped after 2-3 drags. Its more like an “interval workout” than an all out Sprint till death.


I like to do:
High handles there, super low handles back, dragging sled behind me there, pulling sled while backpedaling back. Then, since my gym has a ton of different straps including long shoulder straps, I’ll do a couple weighted bear crawls.

Usually the last 2 minutes of my conditioning days in the gym is spent lying in a puddle of sweat on the ground trying not to puke.

Side note: As much as prowler sprints make me hate my life, the urge to puke is never as great as when I do battle ropes. Most people just don’t do them properly.


Brief update:

So, I did out-of-nowhere high volume forward walking lunges last Thursday evening: ~12 minutes. Soreness was extreme Friday evening, all of Sat/Sun & Mon, and was still awful come Tuesday. I forced myself to run hard Tuesday through the soreness, as well as lunge for ~15m30s, tough with pain everywhere (harder than last Thursday). Wednesday soreness = minimal! I ran hard again Wednesday evening, legs are shot but actually getting some power back. I decided to lunge again, for ~8 minutes. This time, not much pain with the lunges, instead: just pure jello and tiredness, mostly quad & glute pump, felt pumped to fu*k and just ready to give out.

I imagine my legs will feel really good tomorrow (Thursday) and great on Friday, and epic on Saturday… lol. Not lunging or running hard the next two days, just going to recover.



Some recent walking lunge data. So basically I did:

  1. wednesday: out of nowhere high volume walking lunge session (18 min)
  2. thursday: rest day
  3. friday: wanted to run but felt too sore, went back to sleep, woke up, felt good, lunged again (22 min)
  4. hopefully: saturday=run, sunday=run, monday=try and lunge longer than 22 minutes on Monday.

I’ll bump this thread when I get to 30 minutes!

~500 in 18 minutes: (0.24 mile)

  • legs were insanely sore the day of, and day after. but got good enough to lunge again 2 days later.
  • graph doesn’t show HR numbers but, it’s basically ~90 BPM increasing up to ~160 BPM.

~600 in 22 minutes: (0.33 mile)

  • legs have felt great all day.


How’s your leg development?
-in general
-and since implementing this lunacy lol



Thin legs, due to high mileage running and no lifting.

Just measured my thighs and VMO’s:

  • thigh: ~21.5"
  • VMO: ~15"

Compare that to when i was into dunking/lifting (2008-2012), if I recall correctly:

  • thigh: ~24"
  • VMO: ~16"
  • same bodyweight as i am now, just more muscle/leaner back then

My legs were out of proportion to my physique, but I was trying to specialize in max running vert so, I loved it.

I’ve only performed two sessions :smiley: If I manage to keep it consistent for a month (or more), it’l be interesting to see if it puts some mass back on my legs. I’d predict it would. Just need to stay consistent with it, that’s the goal right now.

Legs felt great/very strong today - also had some solid speed during my speed session.

Hoping to try for at least 30 minutes of “ultra high rep walking lunges” tomorrow.



~800 in 27 minutes.

Those 3:XX min splits (100 reps) look like hard equivalent 3:XX kilometer splits, lmao. Pretty cool. For all three recent sessions, knee achiness has been the “quit signal”. ie, the last ~1-2 minutes my knees get pretty achy, so I stop the session. It’s gotten “later” each session. Really hoping my legs/knees adapt completely though, that achiness is kind of scary. I’d rather not feel it. I wanted 30 minutes bad but, trying to stay safe. Legs felt awesome all day. Glutes kinda sore already.

Anyway… In the context of a “threshold workout”, that sustained HR is pretty good IMHO.

I’m really curious to see if I can get to an hour. That would probably “tell us” alot about the experiment.