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Anyone Ever Try Clostebol Acetate?

Just like the headline reads, has anyone ever used Clostebol acetate?

I see it pop up here and there with athletes getting caught and it was closely associated with the turinabol usage in the east German Olympic program. It does not look that strong on paper but there has to be a reason the east Germans used it. I would assume risk to return ratio was favorable. Plus it can’t aromatize or be reduced into DHT or derivatives of it.

I forgot to put. If you have tried it what was the experience like? Results? Dosage? Ect.

There was a methylclostebol oral “prohormone” floating around for a number of years, no? I seem to remember that it was out there but now that you mention it I don’t think any of the UGLs that I keep up with carry clostebol.

My raw source has the Clostebol available so I thought it was at least worth an explore to see if it’s worth the time and money.
They also have the methylclostebol available. They have methylstenbolone, I have always wanted to try stenbolone, I don’t know which ester they attach to it. Ment (trestolone) is also available with three or four different options for esters. It’s in the 19nor family so I will probably pull the trigger on that just to have another 19nor option.

I am actually surprised at the range of different esters attached to common compounds like boldenone, nandrolone, and good old test has nine ester options. They also have some ridiculous amounts of different DHEAs (and variations) with and without esters. I always thought DHEA was just in the AAS family but it didn’t return appreciable results.

That is 4-chlorotestosterone, right? I heard it is great for strength. I actually was looking for it before i started my blast.

Might be interesting to stack it alongside test p/e and tren ace.

Be very careful with MENT. Guys report either amazing results or an atomic bomb of estrogen. Seems that nothing in between is possible.

Yes it’s the 4-chlorotest. It’s Androgenic to anabolic ratio is 25:46. So on paper it looks weak but I saw that athletes kept getting caught using it so I was intrigued.