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Anyone Ever Have Quality Issues with Empower?

I’ve been feeling like dogshit the past few weeks and I’ve realized this has somewhat correlated with a switch from my usual cheap T3 I get off the internet to empower’s sustained release. It could also be that I just don’t do well with the sustained release. I have issues with high RT3, which is why I’m on T3 in the first place. I read about a guy on the excelmale forum who had the same issue. Wondering if anyone here has ever had issue with their products?

I had initially felt like their T Cyp wasn’t as effective as the one I get from CVS, but labwork proved that was just in my head. I think they’re sloppy with measuring, but otherwise ok.

May just be that you changed to a different release T3

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Yeah it could be that my RT3 is creeping up because the SR doesn’t pack the same wallup as the regular stuff. This is all just a guess at this point though because I haven’t had a chance to do labs recently.

I’ve been told that, sometimes, different binders used can effect absorption. Pharmacies will deny that, 22mcg is 22mcg, but we’ve had to adjust dosing after changing pharmacies.


Interesting. Thanks for the input!