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Anyone Ever Have Gout?


So I've got gout at age 36.
Apparently it's acute...from too much meat, beer and whiskey.

Anyone ever have it? Any suggestions?


Too, much, whiskey? I don't understand.


Gout is a form of arthritis. It is cause by high uric acid levels that can sometimes form crystals in the joints causing pain. I diagnose it all the time when I have to review a synoval fluid for cystals.

Usually your doctor will prescribe something to reduce uric acid build up though it is recomended that you stay away from large amount of meat and alcohol... all the fun stuff...
I don't have any good suggestions on treatment outside of whatever your doctor said. Sorry to hear though....


Oh fun stuff that gout is, might as well cut the body part off that is affected....at least it feels like the only way to deal with it sometimes.

I've been getting flare ups here and there for the past few years. Can't really pin point it to one thing that causes it. My doctor of course blames beer, but (at the time) I drank a lot, so I would think I'd have issues a lot more than I do.

I've tried all the home remedies, cherry juice, apple cider vinegar....ect..none work for me. The only thing that gets it is my prescription meds. (the name escapes me now) Alieve calms the pain sometimes until the meds start to work.


Beer has purine, though that is not the case with other forms of alcohol.



Thanks for the advice.
I've heard that dark beers such as Guinness are better, but my girlfriend was so proud of herself when she found out that my love for beer was just as bad for me as she's always said.


Thanks for the advice.
I've heard that dark beers such as Guinness are better, but my girlfriend was so proud of herself when she found out that my love for beer was just as bad for me as she's always said.


You also have to avoid shellfish like shrimp, lobster and clams. My BIL and FIL both have it and it runs with arthritis. I worked with this guy who died at age 54 and he had it, but he was an Olympic vodka drinker. His one foot would swell up behind his big toe.



too much meat, beer and whiskey give you this horrible complication?...i am screwed....whats the point of living without meat and booze?


Does not compute...fuck my shoulder hurts today.


i have gout and manage to get about 300g protein every day. here is how you manage it

drink tons of fucking water. I get about 1.5 gal/day.

Also, take 1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar mixed with water before most meals (i do this 2 or 3 time/day). if you are having an attack, up this to about 2ts every hour. always mix with water cuz it tastes like shit.

If you are going to a bbq joint or some other meat feast, understand that you should drink a gallon of water between the time you finish eating and when you go to bed, or you will wake up in the middle of the night with death toe.

If you are having an attack, For cherries to work, you need 2 pounds. this will help a gout attack within an hour or 2. less than 2 pounds, don't bother, it won't work.

seriously, the key is water. so long as you are uber hydrated, the urea crystals get washed out of your system before they can gather in your joints.

booze exacerbates it because its a diuretic. same rule for booze, if you are going on a bender, drink a gallon of water. dehydration is your enemy.

And there is no such thing as too much meat or too much whiskey. i may have proved this saturday night


Best pre emptive measure against a hangover as well (same reason).


The medicine the doctor gave me yesterday has already taken the pain away...that's a good start.

I may have brought it on quite strongly by drinking a lot of beer most nights ( about the equivalent of 5 or 6 cans 3/4 days per week) and going to bed without drinking water before going to bed.
I don't tink I've been eating too much meat though.


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My late husband had it as well. Allopurinol I think was one of the drugs he took. I do remember bacon, spinach, and oatmeal were on the verboten list...


Oh no...oatmeal???


Up your calcium intake . Suggest 2,000mg per day for 1 week then 1,000mg per day after that . Calcium will buffer ( cancel out ) the acidity of the uric acid . Worked for my friends cousin who until this remedy could not walk due to the pain . Also , avoid white bread , rice and potato .


Drink Corona. It has little to no purines/uric acid content/whatever the f___ causes the problem. He drinks Corona like its water, and has no problems. Not the best beer, but at least you can still have a few when you want to.