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Anyone Ever Have a Bar Snap?

Just moved and am putting together a home gym. Bought some used Weider plates and bars
off CraigsList. Everything is in good condition – my only concern is with the main bar(bell).
It feels pretty light – maybe 20 lbs – and the guy I bought it from said he’s had all the weights on it – about 350 lbs.
with no probelm.

I was doing deadlifts yesterday with about 250 and my wife said it was bending a little
bit. Have deadlifted 400 at a regular gym with a standard 45lb bar and seemed to have no bend.

This bar –
all silver – w/smaller diameter make me a bit nervous. Anyone know how much weight a standard bar
should be able to support?

Also, anyone ever have a bar snap on them. I have this nightmarish image of
shredded metal slicing my throat. Hopefully it will never happen.

The bar won’t snap. If anything ever happened, it would just bend. I’m sure the bar at your gym was bending when you were doing deads with 400 as well.
I wouldn’t worry about it.

Sounds like the bar off of a “beginner” set of weights if you will. Agreed that a bar will usually bend, but it could potentially be dangerous - I would just got get a proper Olympic barbell and get it over with.

i once snapped a bar when i was exploding out of the hole of the 2000 pound squat

As others have said, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will snap the bar, but with enough weight it could bend (permanently) a little bit and I suppose anything is possible. I have seen 45# bars bend at as little as a 225# squat before, not permanently, but you can still see the little bit of arch. You might just want to consider getting a regular “olympic” bar and save yourself the mental stress/anxiety…

Get an olympic 300 lb set, much safer, much less worry for like 150 dollars.

Nice avatar by the way.

Yes, bars will break. Only against pins or where the bar absorbs the force of a drop before the plates. Or you drop the weight from overhead at an angle. But deadlifting, not so likely. If you’re really worried, get a Texas Power Bar.

[quote]lordstorm88 wrote:
i once snapped a bar when i was exploding out of the hole of the 2000 pound squat[/quote]

I once snapped the bar when I missed a snatch and put a hole in the floor.