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Anyone ever had a torn Spinal Capsule

Hi T-Folk.
I had my spinal capsule (the thin layer that covers and protects the spine) torn nearly two years ago, and for the second time it seems to have retorn (in the lower traps area).

Does anyone have any info on how best to treat this? Anyone experienced it before?

I realise good nutrition, rest and physio are all good, just hoping there’s something I’m missing that I could be doing. Being injured really sux…


It would help if we had the medical term so we can be sure we know exactly what you are referring to: are you talking about the muscles around the spine (erector spinae) or are you really referring to the thin covering of the spinal cord itself (meninges, dura, etc)? What symptoms are you having and who told you that you have a “Spinal Capsule” problem?

OK, it was the physio who gave me the term spinal capsule, and said it was the thin outer covering of the spine itself (I imagine the ‘dura’, and/or the other term you gave earlier, although I’m not familiar with these particular names). At its worst I can’t laugh or sing without pain (I think it’s the intense exhaling), have had hot and cold feelings down my arms, and found it hard to find any position that didn’t leave me in pain.

Now I basically only get the last one, it’s not so bad, but it’s a problem none the less.

Prior treatment included ultrasounding the area, massage, some kind of cracking/manipulation of my spine, and various stretches.

I don’t know which vertabrae it is exactly, I just know it’s centered between my shoulder blades and slightly down.

Hope that’s of some use to you.
Cheers, Mark