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Anyone Ever Gone to Mr. Olympia?

How was it?
How was the expo?

I’m thinking about flying down to it for the weekend with the mrs for something to do. Heck Vegas might be fun. Coming from Canada, not cheap… wondering if you think the show is worth going to and fun?

The only contest I’ve been to was the '98 Olympia in Madison Square Garden. No clue how it is in Vegas, but at the time, the pre-show expo was really cool. Lots of meet and greets and recognizable names you could basically walk right up to, grab a pic, chat a minute, and move on.

If you’re a fan of the sport, I’m sure it’d probably be worth it. It’s not exactly a boring town, so, worst comes to worst, I’m sure you can find something to make the trip a good one.

These articles are a few years old but might give you some other insight. To be fair, I’m not sure how much is creative license:


I go every year and love it. If you enjoy bodybuilding then you’ll have a blast. If you don’t…well it’s vegas. It’s impossible to go to vegas without having fun. Well…unless you’re broke. But even then! lol

What are your other options? Is it this or nothing?

Me and my wife went over in 2012 (from Norway) and it was just awesome! Met a lot of pro’s, talked training and took pics, got loads of samples and t-shirts and so on :slight_smile: Loved both the expo and the finals. Definitely doing it again!!! The fact we both love Vegas and have been there before made it just better :slight_smile: