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Anyone Ever Get the Yips on Injections?

Been pinning twice a week for almost a year. For the last couple weeks Iv’e had problems getting it done. I hit a nerve or something that made my muscle twitch a while back, and now I seem to stutter and hesitate every time. I had been pinning in my quads but tried to go sub q. The first in my belly hurt for a couple days. Thinking it may have went IM. Tried love handle area today. Hope it’s better, but I still hesitated. 25g 5/8 1cc syringe with 1/2 ml.

I do occasionally. I’ve been doing thighs. I did quads at first, quads definitely hit a nerve more often. I’ve been very successful with thighs (top 3rd of leg and I go in horizontally into the side of the leg).

I use a 1-1/4” needle 27g.

I’ve heard from @dextermorgan and others that delts are the way to go. The only reason I haven’t tried that yet is because I still have about 75 1-1/4” needles to burn through. I would highly recommend you try that, especially since you have shorter needles. Ideally you would have insulin needles that are 27g or higher and 1/2” long.

Delts are the way to go. I really can’t understand why people still do it any other way. Small needles, I do it slowly and it’s painless. SubQ stung and burned like crazy for me. Delt I never even feel or know I injected other than my d working normally

Careful pinning shoulders too often though, I find if I do more than two 1cc injections in a week they tend to bleed a bit personally. But also +1 for delts.

Dude a box of 100 syringes is $17 lol. Save those 75 as backup


I use lower outside of thigh. vastus lateralis or rectus femoralis. I like the leverage better than going for delts.

You don’t have to push the whole thing in. You can inject without having it buried. Just sayin’…

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That’s what she said?



Thanks for the input guys