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Anyone Ever Gave Up BJJ Thanks to Staph?



Its happened again. Woke up with what looked like to be a spider bite on my butt on Monday, and by Tuesday it had exploded into a boil the size of a thumbnail. Got some antibiotics by Tuesday night from the ER. Thursday morning it had popped and about a tablespoon of gunk came out.

Now its Friday, and its no longer sore, but its still a little hard and there seems to be a white cap developing in the hole, which makes me think it has not fully drained. I have an appointment with the GP later today. Im hoping that he will tell me its fine and to continue with the antibiotics.

There is no way Im going back into the hospital for a general anaesthesia for a “lance and drainage”. Im not comfortable with the idea of general anaesthesia and would rather go through the pain with hopefully some help from a bit of local anaesthetic.

Anyway, Ill keep you guys updates.




Maybe you’re just a dirty bird?


Got the all clear. The lesion has successfully drained itself, and all I need to do is finish my current course on antiobiotics over the next 2 days.



What are you/they using to clean the mats? The place I train runs classes all day on the mats, has plenty of accidental shoe’d foot traffic, but there hasn’t been any issues with any sort of infections with anyone. Also, how are you cleaning your gi?



We clean the mats before every class with some disinfecting solution and hot water. About 3 months ago(after my other staph incident) we ha a busy bee day, and spent the whole day pulling up the mats and scrubbing the whole dojo from head to toe.

I chuck my gi and belt straight in the washing machine after training for a 40 minute cycle, cold water, detergent plus some disinfecting solution called canesten (its meant to kill 99% of germs). I then hang up outside in the shade where it would get some direct sun exposure and plenty of air during the day.

I scrub myself in the shower with a loofer and soap straight after training, twice.

Im not sure if whats going on? Is it me? Am I just genetically more predisposed to get staph? Am I training too hard and my immune system is compromised (I do go to the gym on the mornings of BJJ). Maybe its some one at the dojo, or the environment we train in?

I have started to eat raw garlic with my dinner every night (girlfriend loves it), and I am looking into getting some full body spats and rashguards, although Im not convinced that will make much difference.



My only idea would be finding out what the cleaning solution for the mats is composed of/potentially upgrading it. If it’s good strong stuff, maybe your immunities are just not awesome. We have guys who rarely if ever wash their gis but still as a whole the gym has been infection free. Spraying down and mopping the mats nightly seem to cover the bases.


Hate to hear this. It’s so bad I’d rather not hazard a guess. I’ve trained for 13 years (admittedly the same gym/academy) and I’ve never heard anything even remotely this persistent.


@burien_top_team: interesting enough I have been doing BJJ for 2.5 years, and it’s only the last 12 months that this all has happened. And I’m not the only one… we have had 2 bouts of staph breakouts at the dojo.



I’ve never heard of anyone having it this bad so many times. Sounds like you’re doing things right on your end.

I don’t know, maybe burn the dojo to the ground, train on top of the ashes?


Anybody got any thoughts on full length rash guards and splats?

Personally I don’t think it would make much difference, although I like the idea of wearing super hero like spandex.



We mandate wearing rash guards beneath the gi for hygiene reasons at our academy.

I’ve always worn long sleeve rashguards - both under the gi and when doing no gi. Partly for the extra bit of hygiene, partly as an homage to my first favorite grappler, Marcelo Garcia, who always rocked the long sleeves.


@burien_top_team: any favourite brands?



For better or worse, our academy (Gracie Barra) mandates the house brand. I think we used to use Storm, but we may be in the process of transitioning to another company …