Anyone Ever Gain Weight After They Started?

I’ve always fought with low body weight. When I was a little kid, I’d even drink vegetable oil in hopes of not being so skinny.

So the last week has been really rough due to some things going on in my life. My diet, which is normally really good, went to pizza and beer, and probably barely enough calories everyday (versus shooting for 4000 daily).

If I eat around 4k cals a day, I slowwwwwwly start gaining, and have ALMOST gotten to 160.

But after last week, I hopped on the scale, and I somehow went from 142 to 146. I’m not forgetting some may be water etc, but that’s a decent increase for not eating much, and TRT was added in.

Hoping for a miracle here!

Well my friend you simply have to eat more. If at 4000 you barely gain, try 4300, then 4500 etc!

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Man, I was hitting 5k for a while, but then realized how hard it is to maintain that! Holy shit

My metabolism used to be more normal when I’d drink, but that’s proven to not be the best life choice for me.

I have seen some videos on youtube of guys saying they gained some weight after starting TRT. The one in particular I remember had issues putting on weight in the past then gained some weight and muscle size the first few months he was on it. So, maybe…

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I would say I have lost about 20 lbs of fat and put on 12+ pounds of muscle in the last 18 months.


Many guys will put on water weight in the beginning. It’s normal. Then you may put on weight owly due to some body recomposition. Since I got my levels up I put on about 10lbs…and they are good looking pounds. I haven’t trained since September. Starting again soon. Long story.

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That skinny dude with the glasses? His channel is pretty good, and was a huge inspiration to me being of a similar body type.

I put on 15 pounds relatively quickly after starting TRT and never lost it so don’t believe it was water weight. Not sure if it was fat or muscle. I don’t believe my diet changed much when starting. I have gotten comments on my arms looking bigger and back wider an thicker though so I will go with muscle lol. I just don’t see it in either way, I look relatively the same.

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I’m excited for this possibility. So far TRT has improved my mood (unless I drink or mess with E2), improved my confidence, energy, somehow cured my seasonal/pet allergies, and may have even improved my acne (at the cost of some back acne). If I can finally get to a normal 5’10" male weight without requiring 6k calories a day, I’ll be fucking thrilled.