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Anyone Ever Found a Way to Get Enclomiphene (Androxal)?

Just curious, I have been trying for months. I got some stuff from a peptide supplier, but from my lab results and experience, it may be real, but its probably 1/4 to 1/3 the dose it claims to be and would cost probably over $150/ mo to get a legit dose, i cant afford that right now… i have tried to order from some indian pharmacies (a country which seems to have enclomiphene in forms like clomipure, en clofert), but they just send me boxes that say enclomiphene on the front, but on the fine ingredients on the back it just says clomiphene and turns out to be clomid… another source, medchemsupply seems to be awol and i cannot reach them via email or anywehre…

anyone has been able to aquire this?

please let me know