Anyone Ever Do This to Help with Binging?

I was thinking of a way to work on my resilience to not give in to binging urges… What if while i’m doing IF (or an occasional longer, ~36-48 hour fast), I would buy something extra tasty, preferably something that can be left out in room temperature, and place it in my room while i’m studying or reading or whatever, and try not to eat it.

I would buy five mars bars, unwrap them, put them on a plate and put the plate on my table, literally just a few feet away from me. I would stare those motherfuckers in the eye right up until I fall asleep.

Because right now, I seem to have zero willpower to resist the temptation if presented with something tasty. The only way I can ever avoid binging is if I buy my food no more than one meal in advance, I shit you not. I live a 2 minute’s walk away from a grocery store, so it’s not difficult. It’s crazy how addictive certain foods are… honestly, I had an easier time giving up alcohol than giving up binging. Far easier, actually.

I just wanna get to the point where if I bought a cheesecake and put it in the fridge, I wouldn’t devour the whole thing 15 minutes later.

Obsessing over food sounds like the opposite of being helpful to overcome binging


I can see that…

You may as well try this instead.
Ben Stiller Dodgeball GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Holy shit, I need to finally watch that movie from beginning to end

But to not go off topic… I think i’ll pass

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Wasn’t actually off topic. Was pointing out a more literal sense of what you’re asking to do. Still, Dodgeball references are always great.

You don’t need to play weird mindfuck games to make yourself more compliant (internally)… you need to set yourself up for success with an effort/reward system.

^not a gimick, it’s science. You need to leverage your dopamine system, and if you’re serious about losing weight - don’t shy away from watching a ~30min video. I don’t think they get better than this (regarding adherence systems).


I meant that I was going off topic by starting to talk about movies, not the clip you posted.

I’ll watch that vid, thanks. Yeah, i’m trying to go from ~13% bf to 10 (I have a fast metabolism and an active life so despite my binging i’ve never been truly fat) and I can feel how with each percentage (started at about 18) it gets tougher and tougher to resist the urges…

Then i’m thinking what the guys who are weeks out from a bodybuilding show have to go through, and that helps… but only temporarily

Can I ask why? if you really are 13% BF, then you’re already very lean… Like getting too much more lean is genuinely starting to put muscle mass at risk.

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(I don’t understand why i’m unable to reply with quotes here. Can’t you do it on the mobile site?)

First, I wanna say that that video was one of the best things i’ve ever watched and i’ll be damned if this doesn’t help me adhere to other goals in my life besides dieting. Thanks again for sharing this.

To answer your question… I do care about muscle, but… the one simple reason is that my face looks like night and day when going from being very lean (10%, maybe even 9% which I might’ve been when I was 17) to even 14%, let alone anything close to 20%. Yes, i’m vain, but my main occupation is being a stage performer (somewhat of a public persona) and to me, big muscles are secondary to my facial attractiveness. Sounds… cringy, but that’s the way it is. Literally the first place my fat goes is my cheeks. I’m not exactly a Henry Cavill in the face department in the first place, so to add chipmunk cheeks on top of that… no.

I have been that lean before and have felt perfectly fine maintaining it, felt strong and healthy - the only problem is getting there. I’d be perfectly fine just sitting at 10% and “maingaining” and slowly putting on a few pounds of lean muscle over years and years. And getting stronger.

At ~13% bf, my torso looks ripped right now, my lower body not so much, and I have the face of a chubby person. Which is why i’m continuing for a while longer.


You can, hold to highlight text then wait for [quote] button to show up.

Thank you for actually watching it. I’m happy to share it, but WAY happier to share information with those who actually come here for help. Most are just looking for validation to keep/start doing something stupid (I know you aren’t new here). I’m glad the video helped - it has helped me as well.

Not cringy at all. Everyone has their own reasons why they want to change their looks - and yours is pretty well justified with you being a stage performer. I ride a desk… my muscles have no benefit to my job other than helping me stand out.


Just double tagging this. Your goals and your motivations are your own. It’s always been so weird to me when we got on here and tell folks what their goals should be. Pure nonsense rivaled only by someone stating a goal, then taking none of the offered steps to get there.

I know that’s not what’s going on here, I’m just too much of a dad to miss any opportunity to point it out.


What helped me was slowly changing the foods I enjoyed.

It took about 6 months for me to slowly change what I enjoyed. I did this by finding and subtituting healthier foods I enjoyed for less healthy ones.

Simple example: When I make soup I subtitute noodles for sprouted mung beans.

Another example: I replaced sour cream with whole milk greek yogurt when I make chili.

The main thing is to make sure the food still tastes good if not better. Eventually you will rarely crave food like cheesecake.


I really support the idea of people doing what they love. And i think life is too short to waste it on feeling bad. I dont know what’s the problem of being fat or skinny, or muscular or not.
In my life i have found attractive short girls, tall girls, really skinny, even anorexic ones, and also a bit more chubby ones. At the end its all about the presentation.
Also i have been super shredded when i was fighting and i have been a bit more fat when im bulking. The way women want me and my sex life in no way changed. The girls i have been with never seemed to care if im 7% or 20% bodyfat.
So, if someone struggles to diet i always ask - why do you do that to yourself?

I suppose that’s the way to go

Well, yes it’s difficult, but I do really enjoy hitting a new milestone in weight and besides the fact that I do feel more attractive at a lower fat percentage, I also feel lighter, which I really like. And as I said, at 10%-ish I don’t feel any negative effects yet, and I definitely don’t plan to go into the single digits.

So… as tough as it often gets, I enjoy the successes of dieting and since I have a healthy bf% as a goal and am planning to stick to it, I don’t see the harm in this.

So I guess I can say that I love dieting despite the struggles, because i’m aiming for a goal that motivates me, and a little struggling for the things I want to achieve in life has never hurt.

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Next time you get the feeling try binging on 4 lb of london broil. After a couple of years Mars bars will no longer appear to you as human food.

Top Round London Broil

Mars Bar


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I started feeling a bit nauseous just thinking about that.


FWIW, I used to do a dummy diet that worked quite well. The only rules were:

  • Limit carbs to 0.5g/lb BW (I wouldn’t count them, I just limited carbs whenever possible).
  • Fatty meats were fine, but had to be kept to a minimum (less than half of protein intake, by eyeball)
  • No upward limit on lean protein. Literally eat as much lean protein as you want.

I never got hungry and managed to carve out a 6-pack for the first time in my life doing this.



And yes… protein… I know I should be consuming more of it.

Will probably pick up some whey tomorrow because I really don’t have much time to cook at this moment in my life. Though I do have some eggs for breakfast and a bit of milk during the day

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Amazingly: neither does anyone else.

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