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Anyone Ever Do Spinach Shakes?

i must have read this somewhere or else i would never have tohught of this. how many of you have done it and if so, how was taste and what ingredients were there?

saves a lot of time chewing these green buggers

I do it when I’m in a bind for time. Doesn’t really affect the taste of a shake. Makes it a strange color though. I would fire the following

1 cup yogurt
1 cup blue berries
1 cup straw berries
bunch of spinach
Milk for consistency
2-3 scoops of Vanilla Whey.

yeah every day!

if you’re a low-carb person like me, try green veges only (i think don’t even try and make it sweet); frozen spinach, frozen broccoli, frozen brussel sprouts, 1/2 avocado and a shot of olive oil. add like a cup of water

i used to also include pumpkin, carrot, tomatoes and squash. physique aside this shit’s gotta make ya live longer! plus i genuinely feel more energetic for longer through my working day.


couple handfuls of spinach + milk + protein powder

pre-W/O 1/2C mixed berries, 1oz mixed nuts, 81 grams (1 cup) frozen chopped spinach, and whey. Blend it ina cup yo baby wassup! Good shit…sorry got Beastie Boys stuck in my head. But seriously good shit right there…even better if you add a sweetener but its not needed. The chill from the berries and spinach give your body a jolt which lasts for me until I start my warmups.

Occasionally if I’m in a rush I’ll throw some whey, cottage cheese, PB, eggs, milk, unsweetened cocoa, and spinnach all in a blender.

Tastes great.

Not really a shake but this makes me chuckle.

I ran out of dog food a while back and so piled in the food processor: spinach, chicken, pumpkin, flax, rice, and I think yogurt. When I dished it out to the dog I tasted a bit, and damned if it wasn’t better than anything I’d made for myself in a long time.

I hope he liked it as much as I did. :slight_smile:

canned pumpkins?
WTF sluicy that sounds really gross hahahaha

theres a guy named spinach, classic.

tom hows the taste of that?

it would be aweseome if someone can point to where i can find UNSWEETENED yogurt in large proportions.

im sure u guys add some water right…
especially mr sharp :stuck_out_tongue:

nice physique there invict

[quote]kickureface wrote:

WTF sluicy that sounds really gross hahahaha


That’s usually the reaction I get to my concoctions. :slight_smile:

I honestly was pretty shocked at how good it really was. If I were to make it for myself I think I’d add eggs instead of yogurt, and either bake it or make patties and saute them.

spinach makes the shake look like shit but its fine really

Spinach, mixed greens, broccoli with two scoops of vanilla Metabolic Drive and one scoop Superfood. Swig down with some Flameout and I have a healthy meal I can take on the go in about 90 seconds.