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Anyone Ever Cleanse?


i was reading some stuff on poliquin's site about cleansing and just started one yesterday called CleanseSmart by RenewLife. anyone done one before? what did you think?


first shots of wheat grass, now cleansing.

what has this site come to?


I eat homemade flax meal protein muffins for breakfast......they "cleanse" pretty good. ;o)


While we're at it, Aren't there times when you just don't feel fresh?


it sounds like a legitimate question, especially if it is something that is on poloquins site. i wonder what berardi would have to say about this subject and things like it (candida etc.). anything that will help you be stronger and healthier is fair topic for me. i think it's a good question and is a sign that this site is diversifying in a positive way, so what's wrong with that?


As a matter of fact I came across a book at the library called the "Master Cleanse". It is a lemonade drink that you consume for 10 days. Supposedly it eliminates a lot of fecal plaque and mucus in your colon. I am an iron head and have heard all the rantings of those who say you shouldn't do this. However, I don't find their arguments strong enough to sway me away from not attempting to be healthy in addition to being big and buff.

Do a search on ?Master Cleanse? and you will find lots of stuff. Here?s a couple?





Some of these websites are kind of hippyish and new age which I am definitely not. I personally have not tried it yet. I?m looking for a time in my schedule where I can have 10 days where I?m not at some dinner, luncheon or out of town which will blow my diet.


I think everyone should take a fiber supplement such as metamusil every day. We carry about 11lds. of fecal material and more so those who are on a high protein diet. My sister once had an x-ray done that showed protein supplement clusters in her intestines. Please remember a happy colon is a healthy colon and a healthy colon is a clean colon.


I agree. Many of you are full of shit.


Seriosly, t-mag, berardi I think, debunked many of the myths being perpetuated in this thread in an article of his last year. I think it was in his Appetite column.


Anyone who follows the info on this site(which you should be by now if ya wanna make any progress) as far as eating six protein(animal based) meals per day would benefir immensely from a yearly cleansing not only for internal health but more important for you hardcore ironheads/meatheads clearing stagnant waste will allow for better protein absobtion/utilization!


I actually appreciate the humorours remarks about Powers question.

However, there are very healthy practices that do not include ripping your shouders apart while lying supine on a bench.

While I have never done this sort of cleansing, it's good to read about it, as it may be something that can be beneficial. Fasting, meditation, drinking green juice. All can be part of a long and healthy life!

You will not be lifting heavy weights if you are dead! Health first!


Hey Ironmaiden,
Happen to have a recipe for those flax/protein muffins? Thanks.


A quote from Dr. Berardi:

"Lee described a diverse macronutrient profile and a regular program of "cleansing." Like Chris said, whenever someone talks about "cleansing" out the "toxins" I wonder what the heck they're talking about. Perhaps that's cause I've never heard a convincing explanation for what these "toxins" that need to be "cleansed" are."

That's from issue 228 of t-mag. Can't find where he went into this further. And I'm a big believer is health first. I just don't go for all this hippy nonsense that has been disputed by real science many times over.


i've done a cleanse, it worked well. although, it was a bit long and i lost a few pounds. i was still eating food, all raw (90% anyway) and taking some supplement type shakes, full of vitamins. so, i was able to still lift decent weights and not lose serious muscle mass. i noticed an inprovement in my digestion and generally felt better. i've also noticed my liver is working better, alcohol barely touches me. and when i have had a few drinks i just seem to not have any headaches or issues like that. mine was from a company called Standard Process, and i did it with the help of my doc (natural chiropractor).


I thought eating oatmeal every morning acted as sort of a cleanser. I guess I've never really cared how clean it was though, I usually don't have parties in there or anything.


thanks for the info guys.

and to all those who are flaming me for asking something like this, you guys are clowns. use you brain and you'll appreciate that better digestion will lead to better gains (imagine that?!?!). i swear some of you people get so narrow minded you think the only thing of importance is lifting big weights.

to those who had constructive responses, i appreciate your help. thanks


I have read Dr. Berardi articles and find him very informative, however I don't agree on everything he says, especially about internal cleansing. He rants that the same people that are interested in cleansing have considered drinking their own urine in the name of cleansing. That is the first I have ever heard about that, sounds like some fetish website?

Also, modern medicine discourages internal cleansing. Why? Sounds like they don't want you healthy, just another of one of my paranoid suspicions on the connections between the AMA and the Pharmaceutical industry. A healthy population does not buy a lot of drugs or require expensive medical care.

I agree with storey420, the healthier you are the better able you are to assimilate nutrients and thus create more muscle. I am for whatever assists in the creation of more muscle.


Actually,ever cleanse is a horrible product. I have done my research and it is big waste of money, www.evercleanse.com. I am in marketing and the site is new, no credibility and looks like it was designed by a 5 year old. I have done cleanses too and here is what I recommend. www.ariseandshine.com - I did the 30 day program and with the exception of the last week, I was able to function as normal. It was an amazing experience. I was guided by Jessica Zaccaro of Transformational Health, www.transformyourhealth.net.


I've actually done the Master Cleanse. The first couple days are absolutely the hardest. Don't plan on lifting weights at all during the cleanse itself. I was working as a stage hand at the time, and whenever it came time to haul the big subwoofers around I'd get woozy. It could be appropriate for a recovery week. Ten days is an intense cleanse: if you've never fasted before it might be wiser to only do four or five days.

I recommend it, though. Your mental clarity is strangely semi-distorted during the cleanse, but afterward I found my concentration to be greatly improved - whether this was an improvement on the pre-cleanse baseline or just a happy return to it, I couldn't say. And I lost nine pounds.

If you end up doing it, remember:
- You can have as many lemonades as you want! Keep the stuff with you, in your bag, etc etc.
- You have to use Grade C or D Maple Syrup - anything more refined won't have the 'cleansing' substances in it.
- Slow down your diet for a few days before. Only raw foods, green tea, water, etc


I've done cleanses where fasting isn't necessary and you can eat the same as normal and that seemed to work fine to me. That way you get cleansed and can still eat normal and lift.


There's no fecal matter clinging to your colon. Fiber is a natural colon cleanser. That's all you need. Ever had a colonoscopy? You can see exactly what's clinging to your colon which is NOTHING after you have the prep that cleans you out. A simple laxative will get the job done.