Anyone Else with Funny Body Quirks?

Hey all! So I’m a 5’4″ (162 cm) guy with size 18 US / 17 UK / 55 EU feet. My feet are stupidly big for my height and it’s very noticeable. It’s due to a genetic anomaly - I was born with oversized feet and hands and they just kept growing bigger. Strangers comment on it all the time. And forget about the reaction of assistants at shoe shops or bowling alley clerks!

Unfortunately stair stepping machines can be a problem as I can never seem to get my feet into the straps and I’ve always found cycling to be annoying for a similar reason - the pedals are too small.

Just wondering if there’s anyone else out there with a funny or unique bodily quirk?




When I was younger people used to believe big feet meant big something else - of course that was nonsense, but a serious question… do you have exceptional balance?


I do not have unique body quirk, but thanks for sharing.

Big feet = Big socks

OP should pick up swimming


Okay, but how does that shoe size affect body fat?


I thought you were supposed to hold the shoe for comparison (or no obvious reason)?

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I’m not saying this is a troll but this is a troll. This same topic was posted on another forum. Only he was 5’6” on that thread. Am I right, Yahooligan?

I was born with no corpus callosum, so the two hemispheres of my brain don’t communicate.

This allows me to play two different songs on a piano at the same time, and even write with both hands in two different directions and languages.

Unfortunately I dont play piano and only speak english.

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