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Anyone Else Using FST-7?


Did a search and only found a mention of it in the GT article, so may God forgive me if there is already a post with it ; ). Any chance we might see an interview with the founder of this method? Seems to have worked for Jay and Phil. Anyone else using this system?


Well I've just been playing with it to see what's up and got very impressed with the pump on the last part; it leaves you so drained that you can't give a decent stimulus to another muscle group in the same session. I did shoulders yesterday and couldn't continue with traps.


I use it periodically. Very periodically. 4 weeks a time when training naturally. Anything more then that and I get more and more run down.

I think that program is designed for people on AAS. If you do it properly with high intensity at the beginning and the massive volume at the end it will wear you out without hormonal support.

I haven't used it yet while on a cycle and since I plan to stay natural for a while I don't think I'll use it again anytime soon as I am making nice gains right now.


It can be used by drug-free guys... It's just regular BB training with a pump-exercise done for 7 (though that number is not set in stone) sets at the end.

The sets on the regular exercises are ramped, btw, and it's imo not even a system or anything.
You do not have to follow the original layout as presented on the FST site in terms of sets, reps, exercises (the regular ones), you can just, say, copy a dorian yates routine and do the pump-thing at the end.

I believe it's recommended to use the 7 sets only for weak-point training if you're a natty, but by reducing the amount of sets (who needs 7 sets to get a full pump!?) and using a more strength-gain-oriented approach with less volume for your main exercises should easily allow you to use the pump thing for every bodypart.

Shit people, check out, say, "professor X: a request".
What do we see?
Biceps: 2 main exercises (ramped, though with bigger weight jumps than Haney has his guys do) and a pump exercise for as many sets as necessary to get a good pump going. Hmmmmm. Sound familiar?

He, and many, many others have trained in a similar fashion long before Haney came up with his fancy "system".
The only difference is that Haney includes a lot of stretching, which also sounds kind of familiar if you've every read anything about DC training, Parillo etc.

Cutler's former training routine was literally the same as FST-7 minus the pump sets. His waist certainly didn't shrink because of the new routine, and neither did he achieve his better conditioning via FST-7. Those changes come from other things.


yes, I remember him saying that the main reason of his conditioning was that he didn't let himself bloat as much from contest shape.


^ and from what I hear a reduction in exercises that hypertrophy the midsection muscles (exercises like 1 arm DB rows).


If the strength gains remain the same do you think the big pump would have much of a training effect anyway? Or at least one that wasn't outweighed by any possible recovery impairment from all the extra sets.


I think it's extra important to monitor strength gains when implementing FST-7, as this is at least a rudimentary way of monitoring recuperation - meaning if you're getting stronger than you're probably recuperating (at least reasonably well).

I often wonder about the pro vs cons of FST-7. However, my experience has shown that as long as these 7 sets are not overdone (taken to failure), the pros DO outweigh the cons.

But again, I think the key to making it work is to avoid the temptation to do each set until you can't do any more reps (which is how I tend to wanna train). But by stopping even just one rep short of failure, you able to stimulate the muscle without overly stimulating (or taxing) the CNS.

I recently wrote a couple posts about FST-7 for those interested

All in all, I think it's a great technique (not program or system - technique).

Dr Clay


Thanks for the input, I wasn't aware it was meant for just one muscle group at a time. In the artcile you mention that it should only be used with a body part split but not full body. What do you think about using it for a split thats hits everything twice per week (like back/legs and Push workouts twice per week, different both times), but only using the technique with one body part once a week (for example maybe using it for triceps right after one of the push workouts).

Also, so you're supposed to take it a little short of concentric failure...do you ever really focus on progression with this? Or even keep the same exercise throughout the 4-8 weeks? Sorry if this is answered somewhere, I'm just reading up on this stuff now.


Very true Dr. I spoke with hany and still contemplating working with him. I've been using fst-7 training since Feb and I've been getting some amazing results. One thing he mentioned to me is I have to up the calories and bcaa especially me being natural. My body needs to recover and fst-t will tax the body!!!!


Oh, but if they offer the same results, which are you gonna' choose? Right next to each other in the video store, 7-minute or 8-minute?

Yeah... That's what I thought...


might give this a go for chest then. Mine is soo shit compared to back and legs lol


I like the idea.

Has anyone used this method for bringing up their chest? If so what exercise did you use? I'm thinking pec deck?


Tried it yesterday....i'll stick with it but im not feeling any 'mind blowing' pumps yet lool


there may be some validity to doing some type of pumping type exercise to create a training stimulus to increase sarcoplasmic growth beyond what normally occurs...

since sarcoplasm is essentially an enegry storage area of the muscle...to increase its size, you would have to create a training stimulus in which you are taxing the energy demands for that paticular muscle to the point where it needs to increase the storage capacity in that area....

for ex, using light weight and pumping the muscle to the point where you fail due to a lack of energy/oxygen rather than neural fatigue...the pump is not even the important part...it is the fact you failed due to a lack of energy...your body would respond by attempting to increase the storage area....

I personally don't think it is significant...as the extra sarcroplasmic growth would be extremley small if there was any at all...


btw im 100% certain of what causes growth of the fibers...

progressive overload...

there can be no other way...


Yeh i just tagged it on at the end of the workout on the peck deck........

db flat press 3x8 (ramped)

incline db flat press 3x12-15 (ramped)

crossover 3 sets straight

pec deck 7 sets fst 7 thingy

so not the original program but like Dr Clay suggests.


Say you were doing a shoulders and arms day and wanted to do this FST-7 technique for lateral raises. Would you do so after your main sets of shoulders or at the end of the workout, following arms?


You can do the sets before, during, or as a finisher for the actual shoulder work out. I have used it all three ways. You definitely want to keep the FST-7 sets with the muscle group they are intended to brind up.


My chest day was something like this

Pullover Machine Warm up
Incline DB Press 4x10-12
Incline Fly 3c10-12
Fkat DV Press 4x10-12
Flat Flt 3x10-12
FST-7 Chest:Cable Crossovers...3 sets from the high position..2 from low and 2 from middle

I do not do it for chest anymore, the pump was too much ....couldnt hug gf lol