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Anyone Else Tired Of The Rock

Absolutely! I adored Welcome to the Jungle (aka: The Rundown) and Walking Tall. Thing is those were over 10 years ago.

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NOoooooo! I love The Rock but, no. He could never been as cool as Kurt!

I like The Rock, Kevin Hart however, I’m getting very used to his style of comedy, but I still appreciate his hard work.

Then who would you have play Nada?

Vin Diesel?

Dwayne Johnson is a pretty solid actor that consistently takes terrible roles.

Solid Rock movies: The Rundown, Walking Tall, Faster, F&F 5/6/7/8, Moana (fuck you guys, he can even sing)

That’s 8 decent movies in 15 years as an actor. Pretty weak record IMO, but I put the blame on his script selection and not his acting ability.

Kevin Hart, on the other hand, is awful. I dislike everything I know about him.


I don’t know what a good record looks like but if Dwayne Johnson’s goals are related to being in good movies or having the respect of stuffy old critics rather than the other benefits of being a big movie star, then I’d be very surprised.

Hands down THE worst part of one of the best animated movies ever. Sounded like shit running through more shit.

Who watched past Tokyo Drift? I honestly didn’t even know they had seven of these, now finding out they have eight is mind boggling.

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You aren’t missing much. It disappoints me that the franchise went away from illegal street racing genre and went into the more generic ‘action heist’ genre.

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I liked FF 7 and 8. They finally realized how dumb the series is and just decided to crank all the silliness up to 11.


To be fair, I think i have only seen up to 6.

Yeah I didn’t like anything after FF 1 until FF 7. Tokyo Drift had some nice drifting scenes but that’s it.

I remember some movie magazine making a joke after the third one that by the time they got to Fast & Furious 10 they’d all be undercover cops without knowing it.

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They’re pretty much superhero movies at this point. Doesn’t change the fact that I love them, the more absurd the better. I could do without the no-so-subtle religious hints in the later ones though, just seems out of place.

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Everyone that likes dumb, fun action movies. 5 and 6 are my favorite sequels.

I can’t believe how many times Tokyo Drift has been mentioned! It’s the red headed step child of the entire series.

And, no, I’m not tired of The Rock. I don’t think that’s possible.

Once you stop getting hung up on what’s possible in real life vs movies then you can just sit back and enjoy. Hell, the fight scenes in 99% of movies are unreal. No one can take multiple full strength punches to the face and no one has that kind of stamina. If I don’t see it in MMA or boxing then I’m pretty sure it’s not very likely. But it’s entertainment.


A guy in an action movie makes a jump across a broken bridge and everyone loses their mind. Yet a guy in a rom-com does something so unbelievable its bordering on absurd, like foreplay, and no one bats an eyelid.


Or when equally, or more, riduculously, the male character understands what the lead female is thinking / doing/ saying at more than one point without it being pure dumb luck or accident.


I’m waiting for him to take a role in The Expendables 8… Who else would be in that cast?

I don´t watch average quality movies, so nope, I´m not tired of seeing The Rock … I can´t think of any movie with him that I watched in recent years

How do you know how average a movie is without seeing it?