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Anyone Else Tired Of The Rock

A bit of an unpopular opinion. I admire him and how far he’s come but I just can’t stand seeing him seeing him in 5 films every fucking year. Same thing with Kevin Hart. Absolutely 0% funny and I just can’t see what people find in him. Just Hollywood milking whatever dollar they can get I guess but seeing Dwayne everywhere is just annoying.

In agreement. Overexposure.
Same thing happened with Arnie when he tried a diversity of roles, rather than just action movies.

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I all honesty I feel like he is literally trying to fill Arnold’s footsteps. Wait till he runs for a public office. It’s only a matter of time.

I don’t watch many of his movies and I don’t seem to see many of his movies advertised either so not on my radar.

It does seem to be a strange thing to be annoyed by. I see my work colleagues and family daily, I’d go mad if this bothered me lol

Probably just cos he keep appearing in shite movies. Some of em aren’t too bad tho and even the shit ones you’ll get a lel out of it. Doesn’t he claim natty or some shit?

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I particularly liked this one.


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Eh, I think he’s done some pretty good roles. For being a big muscled up guy who is usually limited to one singular role I think he does a pretty good job acting.

I love him so much but it’s really too bad he’s not in iconic movies like Arnold was. He deserves to be in roles like that that will last forever instead of sub-par comedies.

Hell…he should be in a They Live remake. Really.

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I see what you did there

I dunno, I think ‘welcome to the jungle’ was a pretty damn good movie. I also really liked ‘walking tall’.

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I don’t think I’ve ever disliked an actor as much as this guy. I also never imagined there would be a single actor capable of ruining an entire movie for me. Good job, you worthless little tumor.



He is not really in that many movies, I’d guess an avg of just over one movie per year.

He gets exposure elsewhere, social media, liberal media, plenty of magazines. So thats where you get annoyed. But these three sources are easy to avoid.

The Rock was sent from the heavens to remind us of a better time when the Arnold’s and Stallone’s ran the action scene in Hollywood.

Faster is one of my favorite movies.


This and the Rundown are 2 of my guilty pleasure cheesy action movies. The Rock is amazing at that ‘overly serious stare’ kinda acting (thanks WWE) he gets to do when he’s just murdering people.

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Errrrr…first world problems! LOL

I think I’ve only ever seen one film with the rock in, it was alright, this seems like a pretty easy problem to remedy.

There was a rumor he would play an updated version of Jack Burton in a Big Trouble remake (speaking of excellent John Carpenter movies).

I think he’d (the Rock) would make a better Keith David character than Roddy Piper’s Nada … but that’s just me.

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He has a presidential exploratory committee. No idea what party.

You’d think with Jesse Ventura, Arnold, Trump, and Al Franken we’d be done with these idiots.


I would watch Kevin Hart and the Rock all day long if it meant I never had to watch so much as even a trailer with Tom Cruise ever again.