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Anyone Else Taking a Very High Dose of Anastrazole?

Have slowly ramped up to .25 AI everyday and finally starting to feel… decent. (At 100mg a week at 650 T level.)

Want to bump up to 125 or 150 while increasing the AI at same time. But somewhat concerned to be taking so much? Is taking more than 1ml of AI to 100mg of Test a common occurrence?

Who put this protocol? You’ve never once shared your labs in either thread so I can’t make any suggestions. Don’t even know if you require an AI at 100mg weekly.

It seems like you are ignoring all advice and sticky threads explaining how to do TRT correctly.

OK just got my most recent labs back and am really surprised. I was sure that I had high e2. High emotion, terrible oily complexion, etc.

On 100 mg week, it shows 867 T level and LOW e2! (which makes sense with high AI)

Less than 6 on scale of: 7.6-42.6 pg/mL

What should be protocol to get back up? Increase test slightly, stop or reduce AI? Thank you