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Anyone Else Surprised by How Much Legs Weigh?

I stopped training legs hard and consistently since two years ago. I still train them but not with the same intensity and consistency. I do this on purpose because I don’t have as much time to train and I don’t see any reason having legs comparatively bigger than the rest of my body.

my legs definitely downsized, but my upper body stays the same, my arms are a little bit bigger though my calves are still bigger than my biceps. But I weigh 12-15 lbs less than I was 2 years ago when I hit my legs hard and they were the biggest.

So note if you see someone telling you their weight and they look way lighter, take a look at their legs. If they’re huge then taht’s likely true, if they are small then theyre most probably lying

Me checking the validity of this after reading this post:


How big were they?

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No shit, legs are huge muscles.

This is why I always look heavier ahahahah

You wouldnt be questioning the validity of the poster would you??

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“Yeah my ass is big but so are my quads,”…ok

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I remember that pic now…hard too actually tell. Considering its from a angle and no way to get perspective compared to the rest of him.

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I mean, sure they seem to weigh a lot raw, but how much cooks off?


:joy: damn it!