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Anyone Else See Tool This Tour?


Wow....I saw Tool on Sunday up in Manchester, NH.....AMAZING!

I've seen them 3 times before, even went back stage once....but this was the best show I've ever seen from any band. Granted, Tool is my favorite band...but they are only getting better with age. My only complaint is that I'd like to see them play some more older stuff.

Anyone else see them this tour? What did you think?


Yes, I saw them in San Antonio. I really enjoyed the show and hearing Aenema was incredible. The entire stadium went crazy, could barely hear the band. I would have liked to hear The Pot, Eulogy, H., Right in Two, Prison Sex and Opiate but the setlist was great. 2nd time seeing them, Rosetta stoned live is probably one of my favorite songs now. Just builds and builds.


I'm still praying they come to Scotland, or anywhere in the UK for that matter - i will be there!

They're the only band on my "to see before i die" list left.

Is there any word of a new album?


I saw them a while ago at Sleeptrain Amphitheatre in Sacramento. Fucking awesome show.


Damn,I hate I missed that.


what the fuck....when did this come about ?

I hadnt heard anything of this . is this the 10,000 Days Part II Tour ? damn , I think the 10000 Days tour was something like 20 months . I hope to see more dates added to this .

I'll have to keep an eye on this one

I saw them in July '07 at Summerfest . excellent , excellent concert .

(2 days prior to Tool , I saw Roger Waters at the same place . what a week that was)


Saw them this week in Toronto... show was awesome... I agree that Rosetta stoned live is prob #1 live...

Danny Carey is a beast.

During the huge build up on Rosetta Stone, on one of the screens there was a recording of the game 'Asteroids' ... it was jokes... I quite enjoyed it... considering they usually have such crazy visuals... good to see a nice sense of humor